The Different Types of Dog Bowls You Need To Know About

All dog bowls are not equal. There are numerous types of dog bowls available, so it makes it much difficult for a dog owner to figure our which is the best dog bowl for their dog.

When you are going to get a dog bowl, you need to consider cost, style, safety, purpose, longevity, and convenience for cleaning. Here we’ll discuss the different dog bowls, so you can work out which is best for your pooch:

Plastic Dog Bowl

Plastic food bowl for the dog is available in lots of different sizes, shapes, and colors. They are much affordable in cost and are unbreakable enough. Most of them are dishwasher-safe. But plastic material dog bowls are not recommendable for most of the dogs. Dogs can easily scratch or chew plastic bowls; it leaves place for bacteria to build. More than this, allergy from the plastic can also build up in dogs; it can lead to a skin reaction to the dog’s chin or face.

Ceramic Dog Bowls

A dog bowl made from ceramic or stoneware is the best way to showcase your style and class. These bowls often get decorated with amusing designs and can also be handmade by artists. They are covered with protective glaze, which makes it much convenient to clean, particularly if its dishwashing safe. But the point of concern is that ceramic bowls are easily breakable when dropped. If handling bowls with complete care can still make it suffer from chip or crack, which is unsafe for dog. While using ceramic dog food bowl assure to inspect it regularly for preventing harm.

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Stainless steel bowls are the most long-lasting and dishwasher safe bowls. Often, these bowls are made from the non-skid rim on the bottom for the prevention of spill. Stainless steel dog food bowls are not available in various colors or designs. Still, you can find some. Although these food bowls are functional, affordable in price, and could stand the most of the time. Still, proper caring is a must for steel bowls as it can develop stains or rust. Additionally, dogs like to chew their bowls so it is possible that while chewing steel bowls, they can damage their own teeth. 

Automatic Dog Bowls

These dog food bowls are standard bowls usually made up of plastic attached with reservoir. Most of such bowls are designed to fill the dog bowl as long as the storage area acquires food. Some of the automatic food bowls are programmable; they will just give your dog food when the time you set. It is of great importance when you are bombarded with work and can’t manage time for feeding dog.

ForTheFurry, the modern pet store has all types of dog bowl available. You can conveniently get you, which suits the needs of your dog.    

Travel dog bowls

Want to take your dog out with you on a full day trip? Worried about his meal? Now you can buy travel or portable dog bowl for your dog. This is one of the best portable food storing products you can buy for your dog when you are out with him. 

The biggest advantage for using the portable dog bowl is that they are made of plastic, silicon, and most fabric so you can store your dog’s food, and for your comfort and more space you can fold such bowl easily. You can find these bowls in a variety of colors and sizes. They all vary according to different breeds. 

The plus point is that they are affordable so now you need not spend extra money on buying expensive bowls for your dog. You would be amazed to know that these portable bowls have food and water compartments separated already for the convenience of the dog’s owner. 

Slow feed bowls 

As the name indicates, these bowls are the best for the dogs who love to eat more food, and because of it, they are more often prone to illness. Your dog might love to eat a lot of food, but it is your responsibility to take care of his food intake. We know that you cannot keep an eye on your dog 24/7 and for such busy people these slow feed bowls are the best option. 

Eating a large portion of food at once can be really dangerous for your dog, but these bowls are specially designed to stop your dog from eating a lot of food. You can get these bowls in a variety of sizes and colors. It all depends upon your choice and the taste of your dog that which size you choose. 

The structure of these bowls is just like a puzzle that makes the food scattered all around the bowl. This bowl will help to increase your dog’s brain functioning as he’ll have to use his mind and find the food in the puzzle structured bowl. 

Raised dog bowls

On the off chance that you have a huge breed hound, you should need to consider getting him a raised canine bowl, so he doesn’t strain his neck by twisting down to eat. Raised dog bowls come up in a wide range of structures. However, the majority of them comprise of some sort of remain with removable tempered steel or plastic dishes. 

Do remember to choose the bowl that does not turn over because if your dog is active and enthusiastic, then he might turn over the entire bowl and it can get a mess for you to clean it. Similar to all other bowls, the raised dog box also comes in a variety of sizes and colors. If you have a puppy then you shoulder considers small size bowl elsewise you can buy any other size.