Top 10 High Protein Dog Foods for all Breeds

Dogs are generally Omnivores, but they really rely on protein. Dogs can’t live without protein. But when you give them foods to eat, you will have to be aware of the protein sources. You should look for foods that are rich in protein and also digestible for them. Dogs can’t digest everything like us, there are few protein-rich sources that they can digest. So, you should try to know about the foods necessary for them. While picking a homemade dog food you will have to be concerned about what you are using in it. There are many important ingredients for homemade dog food recipes that you should obviously include keeping in mind of your dog health.
You can better say we will be talking about the dog approved foods that are really good in protein. So from today reward your dog with these lovely food sources and keep them happy and healthy.

High Protein Dog Foods for all Breeds

Peanut Butter

This yummy butter is a favorite treat for many canines. You can give them peanut butter directly or can make many things out of that. Peanut butter is a good source of protein but it also contains healthy fats, Niacin, Vitamin E and Vitamin B. Do n’t go for the sugar-free or lite version of peanut butter that contains many artificial substances.


Do you think cats only love fish? Then you are completely wrong. Dogs also love to eat fish and that is healthy for them. But dogs can’t be fed with raw fish. Only cooked fish is a good source of protein for them. If you have a peek into some most popular protein-rich dry dog foods, you will find fish as an ingredient. If you are giving cooked fish, prefer salmon as an option as it is very healthy for dogs.


You know very well that yogurt is rich in calcium and protein. But when you choose a flavored yogurt it is not as good as the original. Choose the yogurt which doesn’t contain any sweetener and added sugars. Yogurt act as a probiotic and very good for the digestive system of the dog.


Like we humans consider egg as a very good source of protein, it is also the same for dogs. So if you want a rapid protein boost up, go for an egg in a canine diet. Eggs contain Riboflavin and selenium both of which are a very good form of protein and eggs are really a very good snacks option for the dogs.

Cottage Cheese

Though cheese is not commonly used in canine diets, but cheese is also a very good and healthy protein source for the dogs. Cottage cheese and regular cheese both contains fat but in an average amount. If your dog needs a low-fat diet, choose cottage cheese in their diet. It is the perfect one in their diet.


If you are looking for a change in regular diet, you can choose this option. Dogs love to consume chicken as hence, as a result, it is also a very good treat for them. Chicken is a good protein source and is a good replacement diet from the regular food chart. Here you will find out a list of all the important dog tools every owner must have.

Real Meat

Real meat is a very good source of protein and you will almost see it any high protein dog food as an ingredient. The real meat is the most natural source of protein that a dog can eat. You can give them turkey, beef, pork, duck etc.

Dried Meat

Some people don’t prefer meat meal as good diet option as it is dried meat in a powder form. Both the water and fat are removed from the meat. It is also used in the dog food to increase the protein. This helps them to digest most of the food and produce less waste.


Corn contains protein but dogs can take a less amount from it. So this can be used as a staple food for regular protein intake. But this is at the last just because dogs can’t digest it efficiently.


Though wheat comes with a protein but some dogs suffer from wheat allergies. Actually, the corn and wheat both is not a very efficient protein source for dogs. But if a dog can take protein from it, it’s a good serving.

These are the high protein dog foods for all breeds. Now when you will be planning for a dog food, you should keep these things in mind. Even if you are buying a ready-made dog food, check the label for the ingredients. That will help you to know about the protein sources. Almost all the dog foods contain these items to serve a good amount of protein. But try to consult with a vet about the diet that your dog needs. They will make you a chart. If you’re interested in high calorie cat food, check out CatCanEat.