How to Train your Dog not to chew his Bed

People dealing with the puppies may find a problem of their destructive chewing habits.

Actually, it is a very common problem in young dogs. You have nothing to deal with this problem you can think that it is a type of inbuilt characteristics that every dogs come up with. The main thing is that puppies try to explore the whole world with their teeth.

During the initial stages, it is normal but after a certain period of time, it becomes completely undesirable as it directs towards destroying each and every objects in your home.

So if it’s not treated from the initial stage, you may find a great amount of destruction in your house. So here are few tips that will guide you to train your dog not to chew his bed. And if yours is totally destroyed, you can check out a few lovely Danish Design Dog Beds here.”

Train your Dog not to chew his Bed:

Deal with the Medical Problems: The first thing that will have to do is checking your pet dog to be sure that he is not suffering from any type of medical conditions.

Nutritional deficiencies caused by poor diet and intestinal parasites may lead to Pica which leads a dog to massive chewing.

Again, if your dog is suffering from any type of gastrointestinal problems, it may cause nausea, which can also trigger the chewing habit in dogs.

So to be sure about these matters, you will have to take an appointment to a vet doctor immediately when you notice such habits. The vet doctor will rule out the medical conditions with proper diagnosis, which will result in prevention of chewing habits.

How to Train your Dog not to Chew his Bed 1

Puppy Proofing: Look around your environment to find out the possible hazards your puppy will face because of chewing. First of all, place the household cleaners and every type of chemical out of the reach. Again, if you have some plants in your house that are toxic for the dogs immediately remove them for unwanted situations. Cover up all the electrical wires and cords and make it inaccessible to the dogs otherwise, it may result in a dangerous situation. So know about the things that your puppy is anxious about. Things like shoes, socks, children toys and many others are the all time favorites for dogs. Doing all these things will make your home puppy proof. Remember to block access of your dog to the rooms that are not puppy proofed.

How to Train your Dog not to Chew his Bed 2

Encourage for Appropriate Chewing: You will find various types of chew toys available for the dogs in the pet shops. Buy some of these toys and give it to your dog to chew all the time. Each dog will have their own preferences and will choose the toy they love most. Try to avoid the toys, which will break down easily as your puppy may swallow the small broken pieces. Don’t give any types of bones to them, as it is very dangerous for the puppies. Dog toys such as balls and Kongs are the best and perfect toys for any type of dogs. Consider for the perfect sized toy as they can pick it up with their mouth but also cannot swallow it. Even see that the toy is not such that it gets tucked in his mouth. If it gets tucked it will result in a serious situation. Lastly remember not to give your dog a substance that is inappropriate for their chewing.

How to Train your Dog not to Chew his Bed 3

Discourage Inappropriate Chewing: From the above point you now already have an idea that your dog can do and what are the consequences in such cases. So now, you will have to keep in notice that your puppy is not hanging up with anything appropriate. At once, you see them with any inappropriate things, immediately take it away from them and scold them in a dominating attitude. Again, do the opposite when you see them chewing a right substance. This way your dog will learn which is good and which is bad for them. You can also apply taste deterrents such as bitter apple to keep them away from an inappropriate thing.

How to Train your Dog not to Chew his Bed 4

Engage your dog in more and more play: You will just keep in mind that a tired dog is a good dog. Spend some time playing and exercising with your dog to keep them fit and a bit tired. This should be done on a regular basis. Actually all these things will reinforce the human-canine bond and will also help to use their energy in something appropriate.

How to Train your Dog not to Chew his Bed 5

Try out all these above steps one by one and you will start getting the results slowly. It will also help to invest in the best chew proof bed. Have some patience, as it is not possible to train your dog in a single day. It takes time, but proper planning and training will obviously give you some good results, which you are eagerly waiting for. So stop your dog from chewing everything in your home.