Vitakraft Lick ‘n’ Lap Snacks Named Best Cat Treats of 2022

PEOPLE Magazine, one of the most trusted news sources for American culture, has announced Vitakraft Lick ‘n’ Lap as the Best Cat Treat in its Pet Product Awards.

After being evaluated by PEOPLE’s panel of staffers and their cats, Lick ‘n’ Lap was recognized for their undeniable appeal due to its squeezable, interactive format and hearty, delicious ingredients. The most popular treat in Vitakraft’s lineup of unique and exciting cat treats, Lick ‘n’ Lap treats are made with real chicken and salmon and packaged in convenient, single-serve squeeze pouches designed for handfeeding.

“We are elated to be recognized for the hard work we put into developing a truly unique cat treat that is loved by our Cats, literally they can’t resist” says Miguel Gonzalez, Chief Marketing Officer at Vitakraft. “Whenever a new treat is being added to our lineup, it always undergoes rigorous testing and reviewing from Vitakraft’s panel of cats. To date, the Lick ‘n’ Lap treats have had the highest approval rating and are also the treats we receive the most positive feedback about.”

To wrap up the year, PEOPLE Magazine staffers and their pets review products in a variety of categories including best beds, toys, and treats for dogs and cats. For this year’s fourth annual Pet Product Awards, eleven products were chosen, with Vitakraft’s Lick ‘n’ Lap as the Best Cat Treat.

Winning the award has been a validating experience for the brand. “With the support of our fans and the experts we work with, we have been confident that Lick ‘n’ Lap is an irresistible treat for cats,” Gonzalez says. “Knowing that we earned this award to confirm that is an incredible honor.”

Vitacraft’s Lick ‘n’ Lap cat treats are a perfect treat for all stages of a cat’s life and are expert recommended for bonding and training. The squeezable snacks can be enjoyed straight from the end of the sachet, squeezed onto a plate, or even put on your finger. All Lick ‘n’ Lap varieties, including Snacks, Smooth Jelly, and Meaty Gravy, are available in 5-packs of Chicken and Salmon flavors at an SRP of $3.49.

Vitakraft cat treats can be found in-store at Walmart, Petco, PetSmart, Pet Supplies Plus, other major pet supply stores, and across the US in your neighborhood pet shop. Online retailers include Amazon and Chewy.

For more exclusive content on the Pet Product Awards winners, visit and look online for the December 19, 2022 issue of PEOPLE Magazine.