7 Superb Tips to house and feed your fighting fish

You may have often been discouraged due to the barrage of instructions given to you by the pet shop owners of breeders about Fighting Fish. This may actually have put you off the decision to keep them. But actually this article will make you rethink your decision as it can be fairly simple to look after your fighting fish if you have the tank set up properly. Then all you have to do is spare some time daily and do some cleaning once a week to have things working in top shape.

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Here are the tips to get you moving in the right direction:

1. The size of the tank should be big enough to keep at least two fish: The need for this is due to the fact that Fighting Fish thrive better and seem happier in a bigger space. Plus you can also consider the idea of getting them in a pair if you are used to maintaining a bigger tank.

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2. Use plastic divider: If you are planning on getting a pair of male fighting fish then you can use a single tank with a divider made of plastic with small holes in them.  You also need to keep something like plants or some such decorations to prevent the fish from looking at each other. This will make them contented to be in their own place.

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3. You can also put some fresh water snails in the tank: These are quite good as the Fighting Fish do not mind these little fellas in their tank. Plus the snails will live off the algae and other waste stuff in the water. But you need to keep an eye on the snails as they tend to breed without the need for a partner; especially when the living conditions are suitable to them. This means your tank will be dirty due to too many snails.

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4. Avoid noisy conditions near the Fighting Fish tank: This means keep them away from a television or stereo as this can cause them to get stressed out. The vibrations will disturb the water.

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5. Avoiding direct sunlight: Another thing that you should take care of is not to put the tank with Fighting Fish directly under the sunlight. This is because sunlight tends to encourages the formation of algae which could harm the Fighting Fish if the tank is not cleaned out on a regular basis. So go for a quieter area that is not too dark or too bright and keep away from loud noises.

6. Avoid over feeding the fish: You may probably use foods that are freeze dried food instead of the live one, but take care not to put too much. Generally just put enough on the surface to let the fish eat for about a couple of minutes. So once they are done just clean out the debris as the fish do not eat that much.

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7. If you are going away do not put food blocks: Your fish will be able to survive without food for as many as ten days. In case you are going out of station for a period less than that, you can be sure that the Fighting Fish will be fine. But in case you are going for a period longer than then you need to ask someone to come in and check the tank every alternate day and also feed the fish.

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You will find that the tips give above will save you plenty of time and effort when it comes to the maintenance of your Fighting Fish. They do make excellent pets as long as you know how to take care of them.