10 Types of Nests of Different Bird Species

We read a lot of articles about our houses, and learn about a lot of things. But every creature in this world needs a home to live.

So obviously, there are different types of houses made by different creatures. But birds are the most creative one in this topic.

Nests are one of the most creatively made shelters among the animal world; so much so that their creativity even rivals that of the average modern birdhouse. So let’s have a look in different types of nests of different bird species.

If you have a love for birds or you are an ornithologist, and love to study about birds and their different activities, you will really find out this article interesting and helpful.

Types of Nests of Different Bird Species:

Ground Nests: Actually, you will find that many birds don’t make traditional nests for their living. But instead, they create a leap on the ground, which they use for laying their eggs.

These nests are commonly called as scrape nests and it is built by penguins, ducks, shorebirds and different types of vultures.

Burrow: Many birds prefer building a burrow for their nest. Again some birds use the the burrows excavated by other animals. Burrow nests because of the use of soil. The soil plays a very important role in the burrow nest as it is used to hide the eggs and the young ones.

In some cases, the parent bird also hides them from the predators in this burrow nests. Sand Martins, Puff birds, Burrowing Owl, different types of kingfishers use this type of nest for their shelter.


Cavity: May be you have seen this cavity nest in many trees and it’s quite common. Yes, it is mainly built in living or dead wood where a chamber is made for living. Some birds like the woodpeckers, trogons etc. make their own cavity while some bird species look for a natural cavity or an abandoned one like the parrots, tits etc.

Cavity Nests are one of the most protective places for birds.


Cupped: It is the most commonly used types of nest by the birds and is regarded as the traditional nest style. It generally looks like a cup or a bowl in which birds lay their eggs.

Birds use different types of things to build this nest and the whole size depends on the size of the bird. Humming birds, Robins, Kinglets, Crests, all are known to build this type of nest.


Saucer or Plate: It is almost similar to the previous one, the cupped nest, but it has a shallow depression to house the eggs in it. This type of nest is also built by different birds but it is not known particularly which birds make this nest.

But generally, it is assumed that the birds who build the cupped nest also build the saucer or plate nest sometimes depending on different situations.


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