45 Amazing Dog Paw Tattoo Design Ideas

The thing about dogs is that they are not only your best friend but they definitely make a place for themselves in your heart.

A dog will leave a paw print in your home, your heart and your family. Then it makes sense that you get a tattoo of a dog paw on yourself.

A dog paw tattoo also looks cute and it is your own way of paying homage to your pet that left such an impact on your life.

The best part of this dog paw tattoo is that it is a relatively small one compared to many other tattoos.

This means the skin, the money and time you spend on this tattoo is less. You can be pretty discreet about where you are getting the tattoo and make it as simple as possible.

Some people almost think of dog paw tattoos as similar to the one as of hearts and they can have somewhat of a resemblance too.

They even get the dog paw design arranged in the shape of a heart.

dog paw tattoo (29)
A dog paw tattoo shows your loyalty, regard and warmth that you hold in your heart to your canine pet for the entire world to see.

But when you are getting a tattoo you should be aware that this is something that is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

This means that you will have to go through every stage of your life with the tattoo on your body.

As you grow you may find yourself regretting the decision to go for a tattoo.

Plus when you are getting a tattoo, also consider that the texture and the look of the skin where your tattoo is located will change over time and you need to factor this in while picking out a tattoo design.

dog paw tattoo (28)

dog paw tattoo (27)

dog paw tattoo (26)

dog paw tattoo (25)

dog paw tattoo (24)

dog paw tattoo (23)

dog paw tattoo (22)

If you are the type who loves your dog and wants the whole world to know about it, then a dog paw tattoo is the way to go.

While there may be different takes on the dog paw tattoo meaning, it all boils down to show your regard for all the service that your canine friend has rendered to you.

There are many paw print tattoo designs and you can get many dog paw tattoo ideas by looking at tattoos other dog lovers have gotten.

The thing is a dog will definitely leave the imprint of all the love and affection that it shows on your heart and mind and a dog paw tattoo is the outward way of showing this.

dog paw tattoo (21)

dog paw tattoo (20)

dog paw tattoo (19)

dog paw tattoo (18)

dog paw tattoo (17)

dog paw tattoo (16)

dog paw tattoo (15)

dog paw tattoo (14)

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