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15 Hardest Dogs to Train (But Lovely to Live With)

It would be a cherry on the cake if the dog you are going to get is very well trained as well as super cute, right? But let me tell you guys that an adorable and innocent face not always likes to follow orders. Puppies and dogs call for a lot of dedicated and consistent hard work. Not all dog breeds are the same; their behaviour depends on why they had been bred, that is, for what purpose and also their genes just like us. Some dogs love to dominate and would not follow your commands no matter, and will take a lot of your sweat to making them Hardest Dogs to Train (But Lovely to Live With).

Hardest Dogs to Train

But having said that, any dog can be trained with love and patience, it’s just that some of them are hard to train. SO if you want to bring one home, you must think twice if your choice comes in the list below!
Hardest Dogs to Train (But Lovely to Live With)

Hardest Dogs to Train
The Afghan hound is a very intelligent Dog breed. They are known for their cat-like personality. And if you know how a cat behaves then you can figure out that this dog will do what he wants to do and will probably not listen to you no matter what. Afghan hounds don’t like to praise anyone. If they are trained they might suddenly decide not to do a task and ignore you, which can be frustrating. Which is why you may want to call a professional trainer for this dog.

Hardest Dogs to Train
Training a Chow Chow can be a difficult task for any owner.Because of their fluffy fur, This breed looks like a bear. These were bred in Asia, and they look like a mini lion. But its personality is very aggressive and dominant. It likes to take charge. They will naturally feel superior and take on the alpha role. So you need to be very careful while training them and tell them that you are dominant in the family and that he is the one who has to listen to you. They do not like punishments, so only with positive attitude and patience can you train this little fur ball.

3. BEAGLE Hardest Dogs to Train
Hardest Dogs to Train
Beagles originated in England and were bred to hunt small animals like rabbits. So because of their strong hunting instinct, they can be hard to train. When following a scent or prey they will not get distracted. Yes, they are super cute but they are also full of energy which makes them notorious and difficult to train. Also, they love to bark and then start it’s tough to make them stop, so that can be a pain for you and your neighbors. Beagles need training throughout the day and consistent training sessions every day.

Hardest Dogs to Train
They are HUGE robust dogs with big paws and a have a lot of energy in them. They can easily take you down without much effort. Secondly, they have average intelligence, not that average is bad but this means that they will take a lot of time to catch any commands from you. They originally bred to guard other dogs and are very stubborn in nature. So they need experts to train them. And the drool? Well, you don’t want to hear about that!

Hardest Dogs to Train
Pit bulls are known for aggressive nature and fighting skills. They are loyal animals but show temper problems. Many a time they do not realize their power and weight and may hurt you unknowingly so do not let they close to babies till they are well trained. Which is, of course, going to take a lot of time, patience and obedience training for them is a must.

6. PUG
Hardest Dogs to Train
I had once heard that if you want to make your pug follow you to the end of the earth. You just need to put butter on your feet! That’s the case with pugs they can do anything for food so training involving food rewards is best to train these notorious and stubborn creatures. Also, they work well with routine schedules so keep that in mind.

7. PEKINGESE Hardest Dogs to Train
Hardest Dogs to Train
Pekingese is a small and cute lap dog, but don’t get carried away by this face as it is known to be very mischievous without a strict owner. Also because of their stubborn nature, they naturally think that they in charge which makes them difficult to train, so they need to be trained well to listen. But once trained they prove to be beautiful loyal partners.

Hardest Dogs to Train
A breed originated in Mexico this is the smallest dog in the world. Don’t go by its size as they can be fiercely protective about their owners and get aggressive at strangers. They are stubborn and do not like to listen to anyone. Their behaviour can be suspicious and difficult to understand so hiring a professional trainer will be a good idea.

9. BLOODHOUND Hardest Dogs to Train
Hardest Dogs to Train
Bloodhounds have cute droopy ears and adorable faces which makes them loveable and great to live with. It’s basically a scent hound and will follow a scent without listening to anything else which is why they are hard to train. Also, they do not realize their power and can even hurt you by playing too rough. So while training you need to teach them to obey and let them know that you are boss here and they will definitely prove to be affectionate and loyal dogs for life.

Hardest Dogs to Train
These furry babies are difficult to train especially for first-time dog owners without experience. They are stubborn and independent animals who love to do their own thing. Their behaviour is sometimes unpredictable and they may or may not obey your commands. If you really want one then you should train him when he is a pup so that they have time to learn and grow with you. Also if you are ok with excessive drooling only then consider having this furry giant.

Hardest Dogs to Train
Dachshunds have a strong prey drive, which means if they are left unleashed and they find something, they are bound to go after that, and even if you keep commanding them to come back they will not until they are done with their jobs, thus making them really stubborn. Also, they can fake injuries and call for special attention which is something to look for. They will train well when awarded with rewards so keep that in mind for the new member.

Hardest Dogs to Train
Everyone knows Siberian huskies as beautiful and sparkling blue-eyed dogs.Before start to the training of husky Everything you need to know about them.They have their origins in north-eastern Siberia. As they are sled dogs they need a lot of exercises. They tend to get irritated and upset if their demand is not fulfilled. They can also be destructible if left alone for long hours. Exercise-Discipline-affection this should be the mantra to train one. It’s better to get a dog whisperer to train one.

Hardest Dogs to Train
Affenpinschers can be quit challenging to train. They get very excited can chase anything that’s running in front of them and will not listen to you. So respect training is the key to train this dog. They are very independent and love to do things their own way so it’s better to start training when they are still babies.

Hardest Dogs to Train
Dalmatians have vigorous exercise requirements, you need to take them on runs, biking and walking every day otherwise they can have temper problems. They need a confident owner who can take charge or they can be quite stubborn. Also, you need to train them to chew on toys and not on your shoes and pillows!

Hardest Dogs to Train
The problem with German shepherds is that they are extremely loyal and overprotective of their owners. Not that this a bad thing, but they get really aggressive to strangers and guests.Some German shepherds interesting facts and information you must know before to start training. So while training you need to teach them what is ok and what is not.

So these are some dog breeds that before getting, you need to give the second thought. But do remember no dog is impossible to train and taking baby steps is the key to success while training your dog. There are no bad dogs just bad trainers. These may be the Hardest Dogs to Train but once trained properly will prove to be beautiful companions to live with.