4 Tips to Get Likes on Your Pet Pics Online

If you have a pet, it’s likely that you spend a lot of time snapping photos of them. You might even have an album filled with images of your fuzzy friend. But when you upload those pics to your social media pages or other websites, do they get any likes? If you and your camera are ready for another round with Fido, read on to discover seven ways to get more likes on your pet pics online. 

After all, who doesn’t love an adorable kitty or pup pic? The Internet is home to numerous websites dedicated to pets. From YouTube videos focusing on critters to photo aggregation sites like Imgdoom and Instagram, there are plenty of places where cat lovers can go to see and share images of their favorite animals. 

1. Make the Image Bigger

When you’re editing your photos, you might be tempted to edit out everything but your furry friend. Don’t. Keep in mind that people need to be able to see his or her face when they like your pic. If your photo is too small, it’s harder to read and parse. If you want to get likes on your pet pic, make sure that it’s large enough for people to see your furry friend’s face without any trouble. 

If you’re using an image hosting site like Imgdoom, you can select a bigger image for your pet photo. If you’re using a social media site like Facebook, make sure you select a large image when you upload it. 

2. Add Creative Props or Backdrops

The artistic possibilities for pet photos are endless. You can create all kinds of scenes, from your pet as a shopkeeper to your dog as a cowboy. If you want to get likes on your pet photo, consider adding creative props or backdrops or use a photo background remover to get rid of unwanted backdrops. If your dog loves to chew on things, consider having him try out a toy that’s a little different to get a unique image. If he likes to swim, get him a toy that floats so that you can take his photo in the water. 

3. Add a Splash of Color

If you’re shooting in a natural outdoor environment, it’s likely that your pet photo is filled with green and brown hues. If you want to get likes on your pet photo, consider adding a splash of color. You can add color to your pet’s surroundings or try to dye your pet’s fur. 

You can also consider finding a way to use color in the background of your image. 


4. Add Stickers or Filters

Stickers and filters can help you get likes on your pet photos by creating an image that is more eye-catching. If you have an adorable but shy pet who doesn’t like to be photographed, try using stickers to create an image that looks incredibly realistic. You can also use stickers to add color or create a certain mood for the image. 

Don’t be afraid to show creativity; you can also try using filters on pet photos to create an image that looks like it was taken with an old-fashioned camera. You can give your image a faded or vintage look, or simply make it look like it was taken decades ago. 

To sum up, if you want to get more likes on your pet photos, try making the image bigger, adding creative props or backdrops, adding a splash of color, or using stickers or filters.