Chaining a Dog is Good or Bad

We know this is a very common question that strikes every dog owners mind and so we really thought of bringing an article on this topic, which will help every dog owner to get out of the confusion. Maybe you have seen a dog chained in your neighborhood and so you are also thinking about it. But do you know the effect of it? Yes, chaining your dog makes a very bad effect and you have nothing good to get out of it. So after reading this article, you will get your own answer of whether chaining a dog is good or bad.

Chaining a Dog is Good or Bad:

What is meant by chaining of Dogs?

Chaining of dogs means attaching a dog permanently to an object that is stationary. Don’t confuse it with walking a dog on a leash.

The problem with chaining a dog:

First of all, chaining a living creature is inhumane and hence it is a way of threatening the dog’s safety. Actually, a dog is a social animal, normally they don’t attack anyone without a reason. You will have to understand that dogs are not born to be chained. So chaining a dog effects a lot on their psychology and better to say it makes a psychological damage of a dog. Research proved that if a dog is chained, they become aggressive and neurotic.

Till now as you have read this article, you can come to a conclusion that chaining a dog don’t have any good side and it is both bad for you and your dog. So from now, you should never think of chaining a dog just to keep them tied in a place. To make a dog more social, you will have to train them properly and scientifically training of dogs make them very friendly, disciplined and less aggressive. So now we will talk about the negative effects of chaining a dog.

Bad sides of Chaining a dog:

1. Chaining a Dog makes them territorial: You should know that dogs are inborn territorial animals and when you chain them as a pet, this instinct is enhanced a lot. So they start defending everything from others. Just for this, the habits of barking, biting and snapping starts growing. Rather than saving their territory, they start defending it.

2. Chains can get Tangled: Most of the veterinarians agree that chains can get tangled to a dog and can cause neck and back injuries which are very harmful to the dogs. It is also possible that they can get hanged if kept in upstairs or anywhere up high. So if you are chaining your dog on your own will, you are the one responsible for their harm.

3. Getting attacked by poisonous insects and extreme weather: Though it depends on where the dog lives, but it is possible that a chained dog can be easily attacked by any wild animals. If the area is prone to poisonous insects and reptiles, they can also attack a chained dog as chained dog loses the power to escape and protect themselves from any attacks.

4. You will never get your escaped dog: If a chained dog ever escapes from your home, they will never come back to you. Remember that you are giving them mental and emotional pain which is a very bad experience for them. So they will never try to get that same experience.

5. Chained dogs don’t get care: When they are not in your sight, they remain out of mind. It is very normal to happen so. Chained dogs rarely get the care they need. They don’t get proper veterinary care, enough water and time to time feedings. So most of the time they remain ignored by the owner.

Things you can do other than chaining the dogs:

1. Proper Training: When you are bringing a puppy, you should immediately start training them properly so that they become very social with the other family members and guests coming to your house. If you can’t train your dog, take help of a professional dog trainer who can train your dog well.

2. Spend time with them: It is your duty to make your dog realize that he is also a member of your family. Now play with them and spend time with them and they will automatically get social with every family members. Take them near your guest and make them understand that your guests are not harmful to them.

You will have to keep in mind that dogs are mostly like your small kids. All they need is a good and lovely family where they can stay comfortably. There are many procedures by which you can make your dog understand if they had done something wrong. They will never repeat the same thing after that. So as we have told in the introduction that after reading this article you will not have the same question as chaining a dog is good or bad. This is a give and take policy. The way you will treat your dog, they will treat you the same.