6 Creative Ways People Are Raising Money for Pet Charities

You must be creative when you want to raise money for any kind of event, circumstance, or charity. Popular ways to raise funds for charities are usually revolved around bake sales or auctions but creativity brings more interested clients. The more truly interested donors you bring the higher probability they will donate more money.  People love to donate to true and honest causes and when it is something they care about with an interesting twist, they are happy to do it.

Pet charities like to milk the sad part of why they need money but if you focus on something good and bright, it will make people excited and feel rewarded for giving their money away. Animal fundraisers are usually for various things, from animal shelters to wildlife rescues.

1. Pet Talent Show

Hosting a pet talent show will get the attention of more people than you think. This is a lively and exciting way to raise money and a great way to connect pets with potential owners. This method of fundraising will work great for animal shelters that are looking for adopters. It is great for showcasing how wonderful the pets are at animals shelters and how happy they would be in a new home.

You’ll need costumes and props, of course. This talent show may take some time to plan but the outcome will be greatly rewarding. Appoint a few judges to help determine who’s the best. Make sure you know who your audience is though. If you want to make a profit for fundraising, don’t forget to charge an admission fee for those who want to attend. If you want it to be about adoptions, then grant visitors the option to adopt any pet they want.

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2. Supply Store for Pets

You could start a store for pet toys and supplies and sell them online to create funding for charities. If people know that their proceeds will go to a better cause, they will be more excited to buy from you. Making toys or cute clothing can help you create revenue for a charity, especially if the clothing states the reason for its creation. People love to feel like their doing some good and if you provide something worth buying with a reward of helping others, you’ve created a great store.

Creating a store online can be the start of something greater. You can make a website easy these days with professional services already offered online. Some even allow you to search and register a domain name so you have a memorable and personalized website address. You must take initiative to market your web store as well. Make sure to emphasize the goal of your products throughout the site to make users remember the great that they are doing for pets all over. You could even add little gifts for when someone purchases items like a small animal sticker or pin.

3. Pet Fashion Show

You could raise money for pet charities through events like fashion shows. It can be fun for pets, pet lovers, and potential owners to experience animals walking down a runway in cute outfits. You can opt for dressing up the animals within a shelter or gather the pets around your neighborhood to participate in the fashion show. You can run a fundraiser for funding the show by advertising around locally and online to get people to assist with production and to help with the charity.

It takes work to get this to happen and you’ll need designers, judges, and participating pets. You can think of all the work you have to do as the same amount of work when executing a human fashion show. Decide on a theme and appoint your helpers to get started. Use the success of New York Pet Fashion Show as a guide on how to make yours prosperous.

4. Pet-themed Art Exhibition

People love art and creative works, especially if you include animals. You can plan an art contest for profit. Put an ad out for potential artists that want to participate and charge a fee for admission. Make it a contest or a simple showcase to get all kinds of people to attend. Those who attend can purchase the art displayed and have the proceeds go to the designated charity. This is a great creative way to include non-pet owners in a charity they may not have even thought about donating to.

5. Crowdsourcing Services

You could take an easier route to raise funds by starting a crowdsourcing page. This helps people gain donators from all over the country that learns about your cause. Your campaign should include photos and videos, even simple diagrams about what the charity is all about. You can get your prospective donors to create an emotional connection to your cause and the pets involved through videos as well. The quickest way to get someone to donate to a charity or fundraiser is to envoke some kind of emotion.

There are many places online that can help you start a campaign. Make sure you have ideas on how you will promote your page. Add compelling copy, heart touching slogans, and figures to help lock people in who want to donate. Here are some crowdsourcing sites online to help you get started:

  • Kickstarter
  • GoFundMe
  • Ulule
  • Indiegogo
  • Patreon
  • RocketHub

6. Dog Walking

Dog walking is a simple way to create funds for a charity. Many people want someone to walk their dogs and if you let them know its for a good cause they will be ecstatic to let you take their dogs on a walk. You can even appoint other walkers to assist with the dog walks if you are getting more than enough.

Although there are several pet charities in the world, one of the toughest decisions to make is trying to figure out which charity to give too, right? Well, one way to put your mind at ease is to realize that putting one charity against another will get you nowhere. Understand that it’s not about which charity to give to… it’s about just giving period. As long as you give, you can make a difference.