8 Best Vet-Recommended Puppy Foods

Owning a puppy is one of the best things one can ever experience. However, it comes with some responsibilities, one of them being feeding them. If you have older dogs, you might be tempted to feed your puppies with the same food the dogs feed on, which shouldn’t be the case. This is because puppies have different dietary needs from older dogs. Below are some of the best vet-recommended puppy foods you can get for your puppy to ensure they get all the growing requirements they need.

1. Healthy Gourmet Puppy Food

The healthy gourmet puppy food is made to meet all the needs puppies require for proper growth. These include fats and proteins that meet the energy needs of the puppies. Other nutrients in these meals include phosphorus and calcium that promote muscle and bone development, which is critical during the early growth stages.

2. Royal Canin Small Puppy Food

The Royal Canin small puppy food is filled with nutrients and vitamins that facilitate the proper growth of a puppy. Additionally, it also has probiotic ingredients which are sensitive to the stomach. This food is suitable for puppies of up to 10 months, and it provides them with the high energy requirements they need for growth.

3. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Puppy

Blue Buffalo is widely known for making highly nutritious foods for puppies. This food features meat as the first ingredient. The meat provides puppies with proteins required to build and maintain muscles. It also contains ARA and a DHA, which are very crucial in supporting retinal health and cognitive function. Additionally, it has minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that greatly support the puppy’s immune system and promote healthy oxidative balance.

4. Natural Balance

Natural balance contains balanced nutrition for puppies and is one of the most affordable foods you can find around. It contains novel proteins and also carbohydrates such as sweet potato, salmon, potato, and venison. Additionally, the food is easily digestible and sweet, making it a good meal for picky eaters.

5. Hills Science Diet Dog Food

The Hill Science diet dog food for puppies is very flavorful and well-formulated to provide your puppy with what it needs for proper growth and development. It contains ingredients like DHA that promote proper eye development and a healthy brain, proteins that help in the building of lean muscles, and minerals that promote the development of bones and teeth. Additionally, this food also contains vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.

6. Rachael Ray Puppy Food

Rachael ray puppy dog food is made with natural materials, with lots of vitamins and minerals. Chicken is the main ingredient and is combined with vegetables and wholesome grains. The puppy food also has antioxidants, which improve a puppy’s immunity system. Additionally, this food has DHA, which supports proper brain development and promotes proper vision. On top of that, this meal does not contain any meat by-products or artificial preservatives, making it ideal for puppies with sensitive stomachs.

7. Merrick Grain-Free Puppy Plate

Merrick has been making dog food for several years, and many customers trust them due to their high-quality products. The Merrick grain-free puppy plate is made of ingredients like sweet potato, real chicken, minerals, and vitamins.

Additionally, this food has DHA, which is very good for brain development. It does not contain soy, wheat, artificial preservatives, and meat by-products, which makes it easy for your puppy to digest.

8. Solid Gold Wolf Pup Blend

The solid gold wolf pup blend is made of pearled barley, oatmeal, and bison. This diet offers maximum nutrients for pups and is very natural.

This pup blend is ideal for large breed puppies. It also contains probiotics which are good for the puppy’s gut health. If your puppy is allergic to wheat, soy, or corn, the solid gold wolf pup blend will make an ideal meal for them since it does not contain those ingredients.

The kind of food you give your puppy can make a very big difference. Puppies have different dietary and nutritional needs from adult dogs; that’s why they should never be fed with the same meal. There are several available puppy foods made from various ingredients to meet a puppy’s dietary needs. You can use several varieties of these foods just to make sure your pup gets all the necessary requirements for growth.