20 Amazing Information about Zebras

Zebras are the natives of Africa. They are regarded as the member of a horse family. Famous for its black and white stripes, the Zebras are very unique in their body embellishment. They are mainly very social animals but as far it is known Zebras are never truly domesticated. There are three classifications of Zebras prevailing all over the world. The ‘Plains Zebra’ or scientifically known as ‘Eqqus quagga’ are the most common classification. These are again classified into 5 subgenus. Then comes the ‘Mountain Zebras’ or ‘Eqqus Zebra’ with its two sub genus. And lastly the ‘Grevy’s Zebra’ or ‘Eqqus Grevyi’. So now let’s discuss about some amazing facts related to this animal.

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Amazing Information about Zebras

The Stripes: As I have said earlier that they are very unique in body stripes. Each and every Zebra bears different body stripes like human finger print. So it is much easier to recognize a particular Zebra. Also these stripes protect them from their predators. When they remain in a big herd it makes very difficult to trace out any individual Zebra. Coming to the point of culture, these stripes of Zebra is regarded as a theme of harmony among some traditions. The black and white blending and balancing of opposites are imitated as Eastern Ying-Yang symbol.

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Foods: They are said to be wild animals but are mainly herbivores. They feed themselves on grass, leaves, herbs etc. Their digestive system is quite different from others and allows them to subsist on foods of lower nutritional value. While the other herbivores need a lot of higher nutritional foods.

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Lifestyle: Zebras lead a very dynamic life style. They are very protective and caring animals and always maintain groups. This makes them highly social. A bachelor Zebra always live with a group of other bachelors. Baby Zebras remain close to their mothers but the males have a strong bond with their fathers. They sleep standing up like horses and they only go to sleep when they are with their neighbors, because to get warned of predators. They communicate with each other through various vocal expressions. Their main gesture is expressed by ears. And it’s an amazing thing. Ears pulled backwards determine the Zebra is angry, again the ear standing erect denotes calm and friendly mood. Isn’t it very interesting?

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Domestication: Although this animal is not domesticated normally. But till now attempts has been made to train them for riding purposes. But sadly it failed, as the Zebras are meant to be very moody and their nature changes from time to time which is really unpredictable. They have much better resistance power than horses.

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Senses: Eyesight is an excellent quality of Zebras. They bear a wide field of view. Also Zebras have superb hearing power as the big and round ears are very powerful. Amazingly the ears revolve in any direction. Addition to this it has been seen that their sense of smell and taste are also acute.

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This beautiful creation of nature is still hunted for skins. And this is the most sorrowful part. Nowadays many sub gen uses of Zebra have become extinct. They are still used in moving circus troops. Their population has shockingly decreased recently. Many conservation measures have been taken and are currently protected in conservatories, National parks etc.