Amazing Toys For Pets to Keep them Really Busy

Pets are cute and they tend to occupy not only space in your home but also space in your heart. That is the reason that we tend to go all out and buy toys for them when you are out shopping. While your intentions are good, the toys are quite expensive and you really cannot expect your pets to consider this while they play with them.

With pets, you can hardly scold them for being rough on the expensive toys you bought for them. They are just doing what comes naturally to them.  Do you really think that they are going to be impressed by the “cute” toys that you spent so much money on? Actually pets look forward to the basics of life, like kibble on  time, plenty of water and a good game of rough and tumble with them.And also when you play with your pets you will feel healthy and energetic . This of course applies to the dogs, when it comes to cats; they just expect you to accept that the house belongs to them and provide them with some petting and food on time.

tenor and his rope toy

The fact is animals like cats and dogs do not buy into the concept of cuteness as the manufacturer does or the way you look at it. For them anything that they can play with is a toy. They find the weirdest things cute as long as they find it entertaining. What this means is that instead of spending tons of money on cute looking and expensive toys, you can actually make some at home.

Once you get down to making toys for your cat and/or dog at home, you will find that any normal household will yield a lot of things to work with. You can use things like aluminum foil, some bells left over from any projects around the home, some bits and pieces of yarn and string, some boxes and some masking tape. In fact making toys for the pets could be something that the whole family could be a part of. Soon you will be looking for boxes in which you get delivery of things in to convert into some toys for your pets.

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In fact when you get enough boxes from the delivery man, you can make a tunnel for the cat and/or dog to run through. The one thing that you have to be careful about is to ensure that the toy is safe enough for your pet to play with and also it is strong enough to take the amount of roughhousing the toy is going to be subject to.

Here are Some Specific Ideas For Making Toys For Your Cat

Fun with The Fishing Pole

Put together some craft feathers, some tape, a ping pong ball and a stick dowel. Puncture two holes close together on the ball and thread string through these holes. Tie it up well to enable holding it. Using some glue or with the help of a glue gun, stick feathers to the ball that is at the end of the stick. Once the string hardens, tie the end of the string to the dowel. To play with your kitten, simply bob this up and down and they will love playing with it.

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Cat Sock Toy

Use a clean sock that is about two feet in length. Divide the sock into three sections using the string. But before you tie the first knot, fill the area at the top of the sock with some catnip. Keep tying the sections once you fill it up with the catnip. Sew the ends of the sock and make it tight. Attach a long piece of string and toss it to see your pet go crazy with delight. Even the older cats will enjoy playing with this.

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Aluminum Ball

Since cats love shiny things, simply roll foil into a ball making it smooth. Tie this to a string and your cat will love batting it around.

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Wooden Spool

Cut sides of box till only two inches are left and put two empty spools inside for the cat to use it like a skating rink.

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Here are Some Specific Ideas For Making Toys For Your Dog

Get Old Stuffed Toys

Dogs love to play with stuffed toys that make noise. So after removing anything from the toy that may cause them harm, buy squeakers from online to put within the toy for them to play with.

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Tennis Balls

Dogs love playing around with balls; all you need to ensure is that while you are throwing a ball for the pet to bring back it should not be a size that it can swallow and the area is safe for the dog to do so.

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Toy That Can Be Tugged

Cut your old jeans or any thick material into strips that are about ten inches long and one inch wide. Tie them together and let the dog play with this when he cannot go out.

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You can use old rope and tie the ends for the dog to play wit. The only thing you need to make sure is that there are no frayed strings on it.

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Dogs love to go fetch sticks so have some good ones handy to play this game.

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