4 Simple Ways to Treat Dogs Acne

We know that dog posses some same characteristics like us humans. May be it is related to nature or psychology, but at a point they are almost same. So when we come to the skin problems in dogs, acne is most common in both dogs and humans.

As human teenagers get a lot of acne, dogs also tend to get a lot of acne in their body. But actually the major difference is that they are not self conscious about the matter. Acne is not a major health problem in dogs and can be treated with various methods. Here we will learn how to get keep your dog safe from growing acne.

Generally, acne is a not very critical in dogs and it automatically stops growing after a certain period of time.

When they reach the adulthood, all the acnes clear up. It can also re-occur at times so nothing to worry about that. It comes in various forms in dogs among which the most common are pimples, black head and white heads which grows on chin, chest, lips and genital areas. If the area of acne gets irritated it may release some blood or pus often.

First of all we should know the main causes of dog acne. Normally, it is caused by various numbers of things. It depends on the dog and their living environment. Acne is also a normal adolescence part of a dog so it will occur normally even if you are a great caretaker. Other causes are hormonal changes, bacteria, allergic reactions and poor hygiene.

Now you should know that all the dog breeds are not very prone to acnes while some are really very prone to it. Great Danes, Doberman Pinschers, Boxers are really very prone to acnes. But more or less acne occurs in almost all the breeds of dog where some are less and some are more.

Now the most important part is that when we are about sure that almost all the dog breeds get acnes the only way is that we have to think of getting a solution. So here we are giving some solutions by which you can keep your dog acne free.

Simple Ways to Treat Dogs Acne

Better Hygiene: Hygiene is a great factor in case of acnes. Unless your dog is in adolescence period, most acne problems are caused by bacteria and poor hygiene. In this case, regular bathing once a week or at least once in a month is necessary. It helps your dog to stay clean. Some of the acnes you will found near the mouth are mainly caused by poor dental hygiene. So regular brushing the teeth is also necessary.

Amazing Solutions for Dog Acne 1

Medicated Shampoos: Go to nearest pet shop and ask for the antibacterial or medicated shampoo for your dog. They will say you about various options but going with the one which contains Aloevera or Echinacea is the best.

These shampoos are very helpful for various skin problems. Remember don’t ever try human shampoos on dogs; it may create a lot of problem. They should be bathed with products that are specifically made for them. Human products are too harsh for them. Notice that the shampoo you are using is giving good results or not. Some of the shampoos may create allergic reactions and can cause irritations in the skin.

Amazing Solutions for Dog Acne 2

Let the Nature heal it: Most of the time, acne get’s cured on their own. So don’t try to test a lot of things as it may make the situation serious. If you ever pick the acne, in some situations you will see that the acne will spread and cause infection over a large area. Most of the time use warm cloth to apply over the area just only to reduce the swelling. Leave the rest to a licensed veterinarian or the nature.

Amazing Solutions for Dog Acne 3

Visit your Veterinarian: If the acne is getting worse over time and the area appears to be infected the only better option is go to the vet doctor. In some serious cases, the acne can only be treated with various prescription ointment, oral medications and medicated soaps. So it is always neglect these small things as it may cause big problem in future.

Veterinarian Examining Dog

So you don’t have to worry as acne is a normal part of life for dogs when they are growing. Mild cases are very common in adolescent dogs but if you notice severe bleeding or infection then there is a point of concern. And the only thing you can do is keep your dog clean by bathing, good dental hygiene and the use of shampoos. Any other options should be always directed by the veterinarian only.