Are Devices Like The Roomba Vacuum Worth It For Dog/Cat Hair?

Pets have become a part of our lives. It is difficult to walk through a house and not find at least one cat or dog curled up on the couch. The fact is a lot of people love pets, especially cats and dogs. Although there are many reasons for this, many people like the company of cats and dogs. The case is valid specifically for people who live alone. In as much as cats and dogs are amazing creatures, they also come with a lot of responsibility. One responsibility is cleaning up after them, especially when they are shedding off their hair. The situation can, however, be contained by smart devices like Roombas. Let me show you how this is so.

roomba vacuum


iRobot Corporation is the company behind the manufacture and maintenance of Roombas, one of the best and top-ranked vacuum cleaners. These fantastic devices can clean almost everything, including cat and dog hair. The latest designs from iRobot Corporation have proven that they deserve a spot at the top following a new and improved automation system. Now all you have to do is input the setting that you would like, and the Roombas will do everything for you.

With a pet hair vacuum cleaner like this, you do not have to worry about cleaning after your pets. As long as you have your cleaning gadget’s device set, the Roomba will get the job done by itself. Roomba cleaning gadgets can also be scheduled to clean at specific intervals. If you know your cat/dog sheds hair numerous times in a day, you can set the Roomba vacuum to clean six times a day, at least after every four hours.

Multiple-surface brushes

For any vacuum cleaner to be considered as one of the best in cleaning cat/dog hair, it needs to have proper brushes that deliver exceptional results. Not many hair cleaning gadgets can make this cut, but Roombas do. Roombas are not just regular cleaners simply because, on top of having proper brushes, the brushes on Roombas have multiple surfaces. Multiple-surface brushes, in this case, mean that the machine has brushes with many cleaning sides that can collect the pet’s hair and clean the surfaces.

Incredible performance backed by a powerful suction system

In terms of performance, these robot cleaners are known across the world for delivering exceptional results. First of all, Roomba smart machines like Roomba i7+ can map out the room, take snapshots, and use the images to create a memory of how the place looks like. Doing so helps the machine navigate easily to hasten the speed of cleaning the dog’s/cat’s hair anywhere in the room. Sensors in Roomba smart vacuum cleaners also help the machine to know where the hair is, get there quickly, and do the necessary.
The fantastic features that contribute to the device’s incredible performance are not complete without mentioning the powerful suction system. The ability to suck up different hairs on the ground is impressive, as it leaves nothing behind at all. In the end, all you are left with is a clean surface/floor. \

High-efficiency filters

How efficient is its filter? This is the most common question by almost everyone who knows a thing or two about robotic cleaners. Filters are an essential part of any vacuum cleaner as it prevents the entry of large solid substances into the dirt-bag. When it comes to Roombas, the filters are highly efficient. With such, the device can clean any hair that comes from a cat/a dog with ease, correctly separating everything if at all, it picks other solid substances. Make sure you go through RobotsInMyHome to get a deeper insight into the world of Roombas.


Dog and cat owners know what it feels like to see your dog/cat shedding hair every single time. The bigger problem now comes in when you need to clean up the mess every other time. This is no longer a problem following the introduction of the newer versions of the Roombas. The automated system makes your work easier. Let us not forget that the multiple surface brushes and the device’s incredible features. All of these things come together to clean the dog/cat hair.