Cleaning Tips every Dog Owner should know

You all may agree with us that most of the people love animals as pets but they go few steps behind thinking of the mess they make. You have studied a lot on this topic and finally came to a conclusion that the messiest thing of dog is their shedding. There are some periods when dogs will shed their furs. And this causes a lot of mess in our houses. This is a natural process and we have nothing to do about that. Rather we should look for some ways that can help us in getting a real solution.

Actually there is a great difference between the hair and the fur. May be chemically they are the same but dog hairs have a longer growing cycle and makes the difference between two. The phase in which a new hair grows is known as ‘Anagen’ and after developing when it ends growing that phase is known as ‘Catagen’. Then it becomes resistant for a certain period which is known as ‘Telogen’ and finally when the hair falls out, it is known as ‘Exogen’. Now the difference between fur and hair is that the fur has a shorter anagen phase. Fur is typically shorter and dense in nature while those hairs are a bit longer than the fur. But if you have dogs they will obviously shed and so here are some cleaning tips that will make your work easier.

Cleaning Tips every Dog Owner should Know1

Cleaning Tips every Dog Owner should know:

Vacuum Cleaner: Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and this will help you to deal with the dog hairs all over your house. You can choose any of the vacuum cleaners from the store but keep in mind that you will have to choose the right nozzle for cleaning different places. Nowadays you will find robotic vacuum that is also very helpful. Schedule a clean whenever you want and your house will be completely cleaned without even lifting a finger.

Cleaning Tips every Dog Owner should Know2

Rubber Gloves: Rubber Gloves work great in picking up animal hairs. Perhaps you have rubber gloves lying unused in your home. Use those rubber gloves and slip it over your sofa, chair or a small rug and it will magically catch all the hairs like a magnet. But yes don’t forget to dip your hand sin water before slipping it. Again after it catches all the hair, simply drown your hand again in water and all the hair will come out of the gloves.

Cleaning Tips every Dog Owner should Know3

Lint Roller: Lint roller is your best friend if perhaps you have a pet dog in your home. Lint rollers are really great to take out dog hairs from different clothes and furnishings like pillows, curtain, cars seats etc. This can be mainly used for quick service. When you have no time to spend in vacuum cleaner just use this lint roller to do
your work.

Cleaning Tips every Dog Owner should Know4

Shedding Tools: Shedding tools will help you to remove the loose hairs from the body of your dog. It will remove all the loose furs and will reduce the amount of dog hair that ends up the whole house. It actually helps to remove the undercoat without cutting the dog’s skin. You will be just amazed by seeing the amount of fur it will take out when using for the first time.

Cleaning Tips every Dog Owner should Know5

Other Pet Tools that you should keep clean:

Pet Food Bowl: Pet food bowl contains a large amount of bacteria in it. The bacteria from your dog’s mouth will remain there after their mealtime. If left unwashed it will become dangerous for you and your family as well as the dogs also. Wash the bowl after every meal and once a week use hot soapy water to wash it hardly or otherwise you can also clean it in a dishwasher. But whatever you may do but do it regularly.

Cleaning Tips every Dog Owner should Know6

Pet Toys: Like the bowls, when it comes to cleaning, the pet toys are also neglected a lot. Stuffed toys mainly contain a lot of bacteria in it. So remember to clean it frequently and use warm and soapy water to clean it hard. Never use bleach or other hard cleaning chemicals. It is also recommended to change the toy after some days.

Cleaning Tips every Dog Owner should Know7

Try out all these steps to keep your home clean from the pet dogs and avoid all the mess caused by them. After all they are like your baby so you will have to give some time for them. So don’t think about it as it is a natural procedure instead enjoy yours valuable time with your pet.