35 Beautiful Hound Puppies Pictures: An Interesting Take on their world

Love dogs but clueless about which one to get for yourself? Well, you are not the only one. For dog lovers, the breed and budget are factors that determine most choices. Regardless of breeds, dogs we know can make for the most loyal and devoted companions you will have in your life. However, if you are specially inclined towards a particular type, say a hound puppy, get your friend right away.
These are the ‘original hunting dogs’. Their diversity, both in terms of physicality and behavioral nature along with a record of great hunting skills are likely to fascinate many. You can find beautiful hound puppies pictures scattered throughout the net to help you decide quick before proceeding towards a purchase.

Beautiful Hound Puppies Pictures:

Finding the perfect breed:

Hounds make for excellent pets’ and evoke sufficient interest, particularly among kids. Ideally, there are two types that can be distinguished by their appearance- sight hounds, like greyhounds have great speed and scent hounds like Bloodhounds and beagles, which lie low to the ground.


Stubborn and highly independent, the bloodhound also shows traits of a gentle and placid nature that makes it a loyal breed and safe around children. It stays a little reserved with strangers but it’s fun to be with, at least when it comes to trailing.


A known and favorite for many, the beagle is one free and amiable breed among hounds. Whether human or canine, the dog loves companionship. If you have a child at home who loves adventure, the Beagle is the best fit. If provided with adequate exercises, expect it to stay calm and be a good pet.

Rhodesian Ridge back

Slightly longer than taller, the breed mixes power and speed to perfection. Among hound puppies, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is likely to be a protective one. For small children the breed can become domineering at times while the reserved nature is mostly seen before strangers.

Otter hound

An overdose of cuteness can be found in this fairly large dog that has a somewhat stocky built. Despite rough situations, the dog’s acute smelling smell and trailing power helps it to be a great hunting breed among the hounds. Keep it in the house and discover it’s affectionate, easy going and happy-to-be-around-children nature.


Lovable gestures and actions

So why would you call these puppy hounds cute? You need to look at few beautiful hound puppy pictures to figure that out.

The adorable sleep:

In the sleepiest form, hound puppies look awesome. There are times you don’t wish to wake it up because that moment is perhaps one of the finest things you get to see.

Guilty look:

So your pup has messed up and it looks terribly guilty? You will probably not even think of punishing him or her simply because the look has an appeal hard to describe. No harm forgiving!

Going wild:

When you find your kid dancing with the hound puppy in joy, nothing can be more pleasurable. Not only do such actions offer instant treat to the eyes, but you feel relieved knowing that your kid can stay safe with your pet canine.

Click few pictures of puppy hound dogs in different moods and times. As a dog lover, you’ll cherish them forever.