20 Beautiful Red Coloured Animals in the World

Red denotes passion, desire, energy and love. It is the color of courage, leadership, joy and strength. And this color is so powerful that red coloured animals often attract our attention very easily for their beauty and those red, crimson, burnt orange or rusty red hues. Red colored animals are not rare. There are reds in many of the species. So today in this article we are going to discuss about 20 of those beautifully created red coloured animals which are at the same time pretty as well as terrifying for their blood red color.

Beautiful Red Coloured Animals in the World

1. Tomato frog: This is a red colored wonder in the frog land. Tomato frogs are endemic to Madagascar. Mainly female frogs have bright red and orange to bright dark red coats and the males have a duller orange hue on their bodies.


2. Red Lady Bug: Red lady bug or lady beetles are natural enemies to many insects and their oval shaped bodies can have many colors staring from Yellow, pink to red. Red colored beetles are so terrifyingly beautiful that they often discourage other animals to come nearer to them. Terror indeed!


3. Scarlet Ibis: Inhabiting in tropical South America and Caribbean islands, this bird is a must mention in this list for their brilliant scarlet color. And you must know that it is 1 of the 2 national birds of Trinidad and Tobago. The red prince is crowened!


4. Red Sea Stars: This lonely living Red Starfish has various shades of reds in their body and they are often colored in red and black. They carry red and black dots all over their body which gives them even prominent look. Surprisingly they have neither blood nor brain and they have the ability to reproduce lost arms. Hm… Beauty without Brain!


5. Red Humboldt Squid: They are often named as the “Red Devils”. Their rusty-red appearance and angry attitude is enough to produce fear in your mind. They can grow up to 7 feet and often rip their prey apart with the parrot-like beak and needle sharp teeth.


6. Northern Cardinal: Another beauty in red. This North American Redbird is a songbird. The male birds have fiery red bodies but the females have only olive grey feathers.


7. Red-spotted Newts: These newts are common of eastern North America. They do not possess the bright red color in every stage of their life. These amphibians turn into bright orange color during their juvenile stage.


8. Red snakes: There are a number of snakes which are red to some degrees. But they are not that red that this adjective can be incorporated into their name. Some red snakes are Red Racer, Red Coach whip and English Red snakes.


9. Fulvous Forest Skimmer: This red colored dragonfly can be found in India. Their brownish red wings have ash tips at the ends.


10. Baronet Euthalia Nais: This is a brilliant red butterfly with black scattered spots on its body. It is mainly found in South Asian countries including India.


11. Red Squirrel: This arboreal, omnivore is a tree squirrel with red furs all over its body. It is commonly found in Eurasia.

12. Red Tabby Cat: Tabby cats are those specific cats which have distinctive striped or dotted coats with an ‘M’ pattern on the forehead. Red tabby cats are beautifully created cute cats having distinctive coats.


13. Red Kangaroo: The Red Kangaroo is the largest kangaroo in the world. This largest mammal of Australia is the largest surviving marsupial.


14. Red velvet termites: Red velvet mites are arachnids and can be found in soils. They are painted in bright red color and they are parasites.


15. Red krill: This is a red colored amphipod. And their bodies have no carapace and their bodies are laterally compressed.


16. Axolotl Calisto: This unique species belongs to the Tiger Salamander complex and can be found in Mexico. This baby can regenerate almost all of its body parts.


17. Scottish deerhound: This simple breed of deerhound is mainly bred to hunt the Red Deer by coursing.


18. Western Scorpion fish: This is native to the temperate part of Northwest Pacific in Japan and South Korea. This red colored animal is just 30 cm long.


19. Glass Eye Squirrel Fish: This red hued animal is mainly found in the tropical seas and can grow up to 50.7 cm in length.


20. Scarlet Lily Beetle: We will conclude with this red insect that is mainly found in the buds, leaves and flowers of lilies. Hence they are so named.


Red is one of the most vibrant and bold colors and red colored animals are no doubt beautifully crafted creatures of nature. They are delight to eyes but don’t go nearer to them because some of them can prove to be devastatingly deadly.