6 Benefits of Sharing Your Bedroom with Your Furry Friends

sleeping with pet

Pet owners usually go back and forth on whether or not to sleep with pets. Some people believe that having a pet in the room will disrupt their sleep. However, research says otherwise. Mayo Clinic conducted a study on 40 adults to determine whether or not dogs interfere with our sleep. Some of the participants slept with the dogs on their beds while others had slept with them inside the bedroom.

The results revealed that the participants in the study had an average 81% sleep efficiency, while the dogs experienced 85% sleep efficiency. Generally, 80% of sleep efficiency is considered great, so clearly, sleeping in the same room as our pups doesn’t disrupt our zzz’s. The study did reveal however that individuals who shared the room with dogs slept better than those who slept with them on their beds. 

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the benefits you stand to gain by sharing your bedroom with your furry friends. 

1.  Provide security 

Dogs have excellent hearing and they respond immediately when they hear strange movements or sounds. Thus, this knowledge can help you feel safe and calm because you know they will not allow anyone or anything to harm you. If you struggle with anxiety, try sleeping with your dog in your bedroom; you may find yourself feeling calmer and less anxious. Also, if you moved to a new place or you sleep alone, then you may appreciate this sense of security. Cats are also light sleepers and they will make noise if they see, hear or smell something strange. Therefore, you’ll be able to know and check out what’s going on.  

2.  Can help you fight insomnia

Insomnia is a real phenomenon that many people suffer from. Currently 50 to 70 million individuals in America struggle with insomnia. But help might be available in the form of your loyal pet. Research shows that our pets can actually help relieve insomnia by mitigating our anxiety and modifying hyperarousal and hypervigilance. All of this creates a better environment for the perfect sleep, which can help beat insomnia or sleep disorders.

3.  Can act as your alarm clock

It is hard to oversleep with your pet in your bedroom. If you find it challenging getting up early in the morning, try transferring your furry friend to your room at night. The great thing about this type of alarm is that you cannot hit snooze; you’ll have to wake up! If you train your dog to have breakfast at a particular time, they will get used to it. If you’re still sleeping at that time, they will wake you up so you can give them their breakfast. Your cat will also wake you up so you can open the door if they want to use the bathroom in the morning. They will also do the same if they want food. In other words – no oversleeping!

4.  More bonding time

bonding with dog


Being a pet lover, truth be told you like spending time with your furry friend. One way of strengthening your bond is through sharing a room at night. First of all, this means you’ll spend more time with each other. Also, it makes your pet trust you more since it shows that you value them and want them around your space. If you spend long hours away from your dog during the day, they may have separation anxiety. Thus, having you around during the night will relieve this anxiety and they will feel a stronger connection to you which results in more loyalty. Physical closeness to your dog increases your level of oxytocin, and this is responsible for making you feel happier too. 

5.  Warmth and comfort

Pets have fur, and humans don’t. Their presence in a room creates more heat which can make the room warmer. All you need to do is allow your pets in your bedroom. These furry friends help to lock in the generated heat through their layers of fur. You’ll also be comforted in the knowledge that your loyal companion is safe with you and not out there wandering around late at night. 

6.  It is good for your health

Did you know that sleeping with your furry friend can help to control your blood pressure? Well, if you are dealing with hypertension, then having your dog in the room with you at night is good for your health. 

It’s normal to feel lonely, stressed, and anxious. When these feelings intensify, they can turn into depression. Having your dog around will relieve these negative feelings and help you fight depression.