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5 Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

That moment when you can’t get up, because there is your cat lying on top of you and you don’t wake it up! If this has ever happened to you…then congratulations! You, my friend, have been accepted by the cat officially as there parent! “Feline paralysis” is a common condition seen in cat owners because, no matter how many times your cat ignores you, you still love them as your baby! And just can’t disturb them when these damn cute furry babies are taking their beauty sleep on top of you!

Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

But have you ever wondered why they love to sleep on you? Well, there are many reasons for this and today we are going to tell you some of these so that you can get to know your cat a little more.

Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

Because They Love To Be Warm…

Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

Has this ever happened to you that, you are sleeping and suddenly you start hearing the sound of a motor! Well, that’s a special mechanism which starts in cats when they are relaxed and cozy and ready to take a nap. Cats love warm weather, and that’s why you may have seen them soaking all the sunlight early morning near the window or having a sunbath rolling on the floor! Naturally at night to keep warm they find your body the best thing to sleep on as your body emits heat which they love. Also, your head is the only part from where maximum heat escapes and the reason you find your cat as a hat for you when you wake up!t is the season of giving and your pet deserves your love every bit as much as anyone else! These Useful Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Cat are a surefire way of making the little kitty as happy as the cat that swallowed the cream

Because They absolutely Adore You…

Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

The honorary moment has arrived, congratulations that your cat has now accepted you as your parent! It’s a well-known fact that we don’t own cats, they own us! And if your cat has decided to snuggle and sleep with you then maybe he/she just loves you unconditionally! It’s a blessed feeling when my cat cooper comes up to me and gives me head and butt bumps and then just curls up on top of my belly. So now that you know that your cat is in love with you, show some love in return just pet its head, give them their snack or rub its belly till they sleep.Cardboard boxes are a great play area for How To Use Of Waste Cardboard For Cats? You can decorate the cardboard according to the personality of your cat and get your cat its own personalized play area.

Because They Feel Safe And Secure…
Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

Be it us humans or animals, everyone wants to be safe. And your cat is no exception! Cats sleep from 13-15 hours a day! And it’s necessary for them to feel safe while they are in their dreamland, dreaming about that tuna in the fridge! So what better place than beside you, safe, secure and warm? That’s all they need to doze off. There are no predators to worry about and no disturbances to worry about, so what more do they need!You will have to understand that your cat has seen something interesting outside the window and they are thinking about if they can go outside. So a better idea to give your cat a hanging perch near the window, which will help them to get a more relaxing outdoor view from the window.

Because Your Tummy Feels So comfortable…

Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

As we know cats like to sleep for long hours and to sleep for such long intervals it’s essential to find a nice cozy and comfortable spot. This is the same reason why you must have seen your cat sneaking in on your bed when you are not at home and taking a nap or unapologetically sleeping on your freshly folded laundry! Comfort is the key and what better than cuddling on your soft belly, not only because of comfort but also because they trust you as their parent.

Because They Like Your Smell…
Reasons Why Does My Cat Sleep On Me

Even though cats are known to be independent creatures, not many of us know that that love to be around their favourite people. And if your cat is cuddling with you to bed then, you are their favourite person to be with! Cats have an amazing sense of smell and if your furball likes to sleep on you then it must be liking your body odor. Your smell must be pleasant to your cat and it must be soothing and comforting for it.Cats are always very funny but the fact is that we people hardly notice their funny moments. Various times cat create funny moments just to entertain us but actually if you see them you will start laughing loudly and that is their main return from you.

Now that your cat is sleeping on you. Maybe it has decided to spend all 9 lives with you! 😉 And you know as a cat parent it’s a big deal! We hope you enjoyed knowing all the reasons for why your cat loves sleeping on you. Just cherish these moments with your little ball of pure affection and make memories forever, as the old saying goes…Life is better with cats.