10 Best Designer Dog Collars Ideas For Christmas

So if you are looking forward to get a Christmas gift made for your canine pet, you are at the right place now. This article will show you to make out some designer dog collar ideas with easy tutorial, which will hardly need any skill to make out. Now the thing is that you will have to choose the one that will be suitable for your dog. This is a very basic thing that you can make for your dogs and yes, they are really very essential specially when you take them out for a walk. Now let’s move into the project to inspire you all before the Christmas season.

Best Designer Dog Collars Ideas For Christmas:

1. Pooch Peter Pan collar: The first one is a bit different in look and that’s the one for the creative people. If you are looking for an idea, which is a bit different from the others, you should go for this one, as it will help you to get a complete new type of dog collar, which you can also give a new name as it more looks like a real collar.


2. Studded Leather Collar: So if you are a bit skilled in making out these types of crafty projects, you should obviously go for this idea, as it looks completely professional if you can make one. This project is a little advance in this list but you can try your hand in this tutorial.


3. DIY Martingale Collar: This is a very minimal type of dog collar idea but sometimes simple looks the best. You can use color of your own in this collar and make it according to your choice. Follow the tutorial and this will make your puppy look more preppy.


4. Rainbow Paracord Dog Collar: Paracord accessories are always very cute and funny. It looks very much pretty on the canines, so why shouldn’t you take the chance? You have got such an easy project with paracord material and you should not wait anymore.


5. Yarn Appliqued Collar: If you really love the Boho culture and you also want your dog to show that, this is the best one for you in this list. You will just have to sew the pieces of fabric in a belt and you will get amazed how a beautiful dog collar will be made by you.


6. Neon Paracord Collar: Now it’s time to make something funny and amazing. This tutorial is also based on paracord material but this time with some neon colors. Choose the colors according to the coat color of your dog and see how amazing it looks on them. Moreover, it will attract everyone towards your dog.


7. Repurposed Necktie: So are you looking for a beautiful and creative dog collar, just go for this one. Look for the tutorial in this link and start being creative for your pet. No one can get the fact that the collar is made at home by you.


8. Blinged Out Rhinestone Collar: This collar idea is best for the female dogs. The colorful stones on the collar make it more feminine which as a result becomes very suitable for the female dogs. Yes, there should be an idea separately for the females, as it is also needed.


9. Upcycled Thrift Store Belt: So if you are looking for a budget friendly idea, this idea is the most suitable one for you. You can easily up-cycle an old belt to make it look like a new one. You can just add a neck candy to make it look more beautiful. But don’t think that you are using an old one, instead you are so creative that you are giving it a new look.


10. Tooled Leather Collar: This is for the one who can easily tool out leather on their own. If you can’t then try learning it, soon as it will help, you make different types of things. But this dog collar looks so professional that it’s hard to believe done at home.


So plan for the one you are going to make and just arrange for the things you will need. Yes making these things need some patience and you will have spend some time in making these beautiful products on your own. So your pooch will really feel special this Christmas just because of your valuable gift. After all, it’s made up with real care and love. Don’t forget to try out each and every single idea for your dog and now you will be gifting them dog collar on every occasion.