10 Breeds of Dogs that looks like Bears or Teddy Bears

Dogs are always our favorite and so we like to read a variety of things about them.

Today, here we will be discussing a completely different thing that’s really hard to imagine. We have heard many different things about bears and they are truly an interesting animal.

But sometimes we do to find a double package in a single thing that’s the topic of our discussion in this article.

There are many people who like dogs and also bears. But it’s nearly impossible to make a bear your pet, so for them, there’s an option. Just go for a dog breed that almost looks like a bear and we are here to give you a list of such breeds that look like bears.

There are so many breeds of dogs that you really have a huge range to choose from, which includes everything from frivolous to the ferocious. In this article, we will look at dogs that look like bears.


Breeds of Dogs that looks like Bears:

Newfoundland Dog: A large working dog that was bred for the first time in Canada. They are very intelligent, loyal and powerful. In many cases, they are used as rescue dogs in water as they can swim very well. This dog breed is covered with a thick coat that is water resistant and it makes them look like a bear.


This dog is a large one that also happens to be dark in color adding to the ursine nature of its looks. You will find that not only is the Newfoundland dog docile and calm in nature, it is also loyal and ideal as a working dog. It is no wonder then that the Newfoundland dog is one of the favorite black dog breeds

Alaskan Malamute: Alaskan Malamute is a domestic dog breed that was bred to pull the heavy freights because of their extreme strength and endurance. They are much similar to the arctic dog breeds. It is also the official state dog of Alaska. They have a double coat all over their body.



This dog was bred to pull freight and people in the cold climates of Alaska. The double coat of hair it has makes it ideal for this cold weather and the harsh climate conditions. The hair makes it look like a cross between a bear and a wolf, which is why it is among the dogs that look like wolves the most as well as bears.

Chow Chow: Have you ever heard about this cute and chubby dog breed? The breed was originally bred in Northern China. It is one of the ancient dog breeds in the world still existing. History says that they were mainly kept in the Buddhist temples and monasteries for the security. They are very protective in nature and can do everything to protect their owner.



This breed of dog bred in China is supposed to literally mean puffy-lion dog. This dog is most likely to find themselves among the pictures of dogs who don’t look like dogs because of its cutesy and fluffy appearance. This fiercely loyal and protective dog breed is not known to be very active and can easily be kept in an apartment.

Teddy Bear Looking Dog

Tibetan Mastiff: It is a large Tibetan dog breed, which is still used by the local tribes of many places to protect their sheep from the wolves, tiger, and leopards. They can be good as domestic dogs if kept in a large compound. They need proper training from their young age as they are very strong-willed.



This dog who resembles a bear to a large extent due to the structure of the face and the hair it has on it, is a livestock dog. It is great when used to herd your cattle and will use a lot of tactics to do a good job. When you consider this dog for domestic purposes, you will have to ensure some space outdoors that is fenced to allow it to play a lot. It is best not to keep such dogs in a small confined space.

Caucasian Ovcharka: Caucasian Ovcharka is a very rare breed of dog that originated in the Caucasus Mountains. It is regarded as a flock guardian breed and is very large in size. They also have a very thick coat all over their body which protects them from them excessive cool temperature in the areas.



Apart from its bear-like appearance, this dog also needs to be handled with care as they can be pretty fierce. In fact, without the proper training and guidance, they would be also regarded among the most dangerous dog breeds. It is a healthy breed of dog with a long lifespan. You should also know that they do not do well at puppy disobedience school with other dogs.

Akita: This breed when in very young age, looks almost like a bear. It is a large breed of dog originating from the mountainous northern regions of Japan. They do have a soft coat all over their body. Akita doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, so if you are looking for a breed with low maintenance, you should obviously go for this breed.



They say that the dog tail indicates breed and the dogs from colder weather tend to have a curly hair. This dog breed is strong and very dominating. It can be very aloof with strangers but very loyal and affectionate with family members. The Akita looks very close to a bear but behaves like a cat in many aspects like cleaning its face after it finishes eating, be very fastidious when it comes to staying clean, and preening for its mate.

Panda Dogs: The last one is a real surprise. This breed is very new and is only available in China. Actually, they are Chow Chow dogs but actually groomed and dyed to look like a panda. Yes, they have now gone viral all over the internet, and if you are really interested just give a search about them.


The word panda should clue you in about the fact that these dogs would resemble bears. But these are basically fluffy dogs that have been made to look like panda bears. Though the trend may seem a bit weird, you have to admit that a dog that looks like panda bears is very cute and adorable indeed.

So bears can’t be dogs and dogs can’t bear but the thing that can happen is that we can keep a dog in our home that almost looks like a bear. Yes, just bring one of the dogs from this list and you can spend your time with a bearish dog. Ohh! That’s really cool. So it’s time to take your decision.

Teddy Bear Dog Breed

Poodle: Though poodle doesn’t look like a bear in their adult age, when they are very young these are the dogs that look like teddy bears and that’s the reason we have included this name in the list. They have a curly coat all over the body. The poodles are very skillful and can be engaged in a various type of dog sports.



This wooly-haired dog which also one of the most intelligent dog breeds does not look like a bear when it is fully grown-up but sure does look like one when it is a puppy. You will have to keep the dog occupied in mind and body given its high level of intelligence and energy.

Teacup Pomeranian: As you can make an idea that this breed of dog was mainly bred in Pomerania region in Poland. This is called as a toy dog breed just because of their size. Pomeranian is a very popular breed of dog and is normally very friendly in nature. They are also very intelligent and respond well to training.



This cute little ball of a dog is enough to create many photo opportunities for cute puppy pictures to make you say awwww. This really small dog may not be the ideal choice for small kids as they may cause harm to the animals not because of any bad intent but because of carelessness.

Goldendoodle: Yes we should say that it is one of the most popular designer dog breeds. It is actually a cross breed between Golden Retriever and Poodle. During the previous times, it was bred in Australia and North America. They are mainly used as guide dogs. Goldendoodle is very easy to train and are very intelligent in nature.



Although all Goldendoodles may not have the same tendency as poodles do not shed hair, they do shed very less hair. The bear-like appearance is due to the hair on the face and this means that you need to be careful in your grooming routine for the dog.

Just because you have one of the dogs that look like bears, does not mean that it will behave like one. You will still need to handle the dog in the way the breed of the dog dictates you to.