Best Leash for Dogs That Pull of 2022: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

Walking your dog has various advantages, including a fun bonding experience, serving as exercise, and reducing its boredom or destructive tendencies.

However, dogs can be uncooperative if they’re on a leash, making them uneasy and pulling at a moment’s notice.

You need to have the best leash for dogs that pull because this behavior can be risky. For example, it can make you lose balance or drag you into the road or towards other dogs that aren’t so welcoming.

Listed below are some of the recommended leashes available for our furry pullers.

Best Leash for Dogs That Pull Reviews

1. BAAPET 5 FT Rope Style Leash

BAAPET is a professional manufacturer of pet products such as leashes, collars, harnesses, and other pet accessories. They’re dedicated to producing high-quality items that cats and dogs adore and pet owners can rely on.

One of the recommended in BAAPET’s catalog is the 5 FT Rope Style Leash.


This leash has several notable qualities that make it ideal for dogs that pull, including:

  • Durability

A standard climbing rope is consists of nylon fibers braided and enlaced together firmly. This setup is considered as the core, which is not exposed.

The outside section is almost similarly constructed, but it is grippy and usually colored.

With this construction, climbing ropes are significantly strong and elastic. Such qualities are evident in the BAAPET 5 FT Rope Style Leash, with its 0.5-inch diameter rock climbing build.

Regardless of how strong your dog pulls, the leash won’t break easily.

  • Padded Handle

If your pet tends to pull continuously, there’s a good chance that it will take a toll on your palm and fingers. The constant rubbing of the rope on your skin could result in cuts and bruises, especially if the dog is fidgety.

Rope burns can affect your eagerness to go on walks with your dog.

BAAPET is aware of this issue, which is why it includes a padded handle on the 5 FT Rope Style Leash to minimize discomfort and possible injuries. It also has an ergonomic design that delivers a seamless grip experience.

  • Versatility

The length of this leash offers a balance between control and mobility that allows you to be more at ease.

Dogs could sometimes be challenging to handle, but having a restrictive leash could take a toll on their behavior. On the other hand, too much freedom of movement will be more stressful for the owners because they will struggle to control them.

The BAAPET 5 FT Rope Style Leash is a contender for the best leash for dogs that pull because of this quality. You can run and train with your beloved pet without worrying about discomfort or safety issues.

  • Visibility

If your schedule for walking the dog is during nighttime, you may want to consider getting this leash.

The threads are highly reflective, which helps you sense the surroundings better than usual. It also adds a bit of style and distinction that could come in handy if your pet accidentally gets loose.

  • Quality of Components

The snap hook of the BAAPET 5 FT Rope Style Leash can turn 360 degrees, which reduces tangles. Its buckle is made from hard plastic and designed to be replaceable.

  • Style

Choose from 10 colors with a striped pattern when you purchase this leash. You’re more likely to find a color that you’ll appreciate with this number of options.


  • Cost-efficient
  • High-quality build
  • Easy to wrap around the hand
  • Good packaging


  • Hook might be heavy
  • Buckle could pop off randomly

2. Auroth Dog Leash Bungee Tactical & Training Leash 4.5 FT

Auroth Dogs was founded in 2016 to protect pets while outside. They focus on ergonomics, material quality, and functionality in making their pet products.

Among their leashes that gained positive remarks is the Tactical Bungee Dog Leash 4.5 FT.


This leash from Auroth has various features perfect for small to medium dogs, such as:

  • Bungee Design

Thanks to the bungee design, the Tactical Bungee Dog Leash has shock-absorbing properties that cushion you and your pet from sudden movements. 

Pet owners with back or shoulder problems may find it ideal because of its supportive features. You’ll have more freedom and space to relax while ensuring that the dog is comfortable and secured.

  • Leash Material

The Auroth Tactical Bungee Dog Leash 4.5 FT is made from nylon, which has distinct advantages. Many prefer this synthetic material over polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, and organic fibers primarily due to its toughness. 

Also, nylon has excellent resistance to abrasion, impact, UV radiation, mildew, molds, and elemental exposure. You can expect these qualities are available for this dog leash.

  • Safety Features

To ensure that the Tactical Bungee Dog Leash can easily handle dog strength, it has a metal eye splice and clip hook. These components also help in securing its position while inside the vehicle.

Also, if you often walk your dogs at night, the Tactical Bungee Dog Leash from Auroth is a good choice. It’s stitched with reflective threading that provides exceptional visibility, promoting safety for you and your pet.

  • Controls

The Auroth Tactical Bungee Dog Leash is convenient for several activities. Its top handle is perfect for walking, jogging, or running with your dog because it allows more freedom of movement.

You may use the bottom handle for better control, which is convenient if you’re in a crowded street or passing through narrow paths. 

  • Metal Clasp

The enhanced rotating capacity of this Auroth leash minimizes tangling between the collar and the leash. With its all-metal construction, the clasp can easily withstand the force coming from your pulling dog.

The simplified hooking process allows you to operate and maintain the leash without complications. You’ll enjoy walks with your dog more because tangles are less likely to happen.


  • Stylish color options
  • Strong elastic bands
  • Easy to hold


  • Seatbelt buckle not versatile
  • Lower handle needs improvement

3. SparklyPets Rope Leash With Extension Bungee

SparklyPets has been part of the pet accessories industry since 2016. Their name and goal of developing products to help strengthen pet relationships are inspired by the founder’s dog, Sparkly.

The company has released the SparklyPets Rope Leash With Extension Bungee to accommodate strong pullers.


As one of the recommended leashes for dogs that pull, this leash from SparklyPets offers numerous features, including:

  • Durability

One of the issues you’ll encounter with regular leashes is their lack of qualities to support strong pullers. They wouldn’t last long because the materials can’t withstand wear and tear caused by constant pulling.

Longevity is also impacted significantly if your dog chews a regular leash regularly.

With the SparklyPets Rope Leash With Extension Bungee, expect more durability because of its durable nylon webbing design.

  • Support Components

SparklyPets ensures that quality is not focused on the leash itself. A sturdy leash alone won’t be able to provide the support you need to accommodate continuous pulling from strong dogs.

That’s why this leash has a metallic hook, thick rope, and leather joint designed to deliver a balance between control and strength. This design and components are inspired by extra-tough hiking gear.

  • Bungee Extension

Unlike other dog leashes that use a bungee design, this model allows you to decide if you want to attach it or not.

The bungee extension is optional, so you’re free not to use it if you want more control. Since the extension allows more space and movement, it would be inconvenient if it’s attached to the leash during the given scenario.

However, the shock-absorbing properties of the bungee are significantly advantageous for owners because of the reduction of accidents and injuries. It also offers extra stability whenever your dog pulls suddenly, which is ideal if there are other dogs and animals in your area.

  • Style

This dog leash from SparklyPets comes in multiple colors that combine style and functionality.

Often, aesthetics is one of the least considerations when buying a leash. Nevertheless, having a stylish pet accessory speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to providing the best for its customers.

  • Storage

SparklyPets include a storage bag to ensure that the leash is protected and secured when not in use. The bag is easy to carry because of its drawstring design.


  • Strong handle
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Excellent quality
  • Good customer service


  • No seatbelt attachment
  • Heavier than others

4. ThunderLeash No-Pull Dog Leash

ThunderWorks is a prolific manufacturer of pet products, but it’s most likely known for the ThunderShirt, a drug-free pet calming vest. They strive to develop innovations that promote practical solutions for various pet problems.

One of its products under the leash category is ThunderLeash, which has a no-pull design.


Many positive-based trainers recommend ThunderLeash, due to its effectiveness and quality. Some of its features to make a note of are:

  • No-Pull Design

Comfort and safety features are ThunderLeash’s best advantage over the other entries on this list. Standard leases can strain you and your pet because they lack the necessary support features to accommodate sudden forceful movement.

Investing in a leash that can provide such qualities for protection and overall experience is necessary. ThunderLeash fits the bill with its patented no-pull design.

The gentle side pressure encourages your dog to stop dragging, protecting the head and neck areas from jerking or forceful restraint. Otherwise, these might cause discomfort and long-term injuries.

You’ll also find ThunderLeash beneficial because it allows you to refocus on the walk without incurring pain or stress on your palms.

Overall, the leash delivers consistency, safety, and gentle feedback to encourage your dog to stop pulling.

  • Ease of Use

There are no complicated steps required when using ThunderLeash. You can mount it in seconds because there are no straps or head collars that come with it.

The padded handle is easy and comfortable to hold.

With ThunderLeash, you can switch between a standard leash and a no-pull leash without much hassle. Your dog doesn’t have to be off-leash when switching, which means there’s less danger that it can escape.

  • Compatibility

ThunderLeash is designed to fit with all standard collars, so you won’t have to purchase a new one. It is also made for all breeds and sizes, making it ideal as a gift to other dog owners.

While other leashes on this list have size specifications, ThunderLeash appears to be an exemption.

  • Increased Distinction

To enhance nighttime safety, ThunderLeash comes with reflective logos. It could help pedestrians and vehicles to detect you and your pet during the night, which helps prevent accidents.

  • 2-in-1 Solution

Depending on the situation, you can make ThunderLeash into a harness or a leash. Usually, the adjustment is intuitive because the adjustment is primarily dictated by the size or breed of your dog.


  • Convenient
  • Less hand fatigue
  • Lightweight
  • Durable


  • Expensive
  • Loop slightly small

5. IOKHEIRA 4-in-1 Multifunctional Dog Leash

best leash for dogs that pull

IOKHEIRA claims as one of the industry leaders in manufacturing pet products at consumer-friendly prices. It offers toys, leashes, training supplies, clothing, and other pet-related items.

One of the featured products under its leash category is the 4-in-1 Multifunctional Dog Leash.


The IOKHEIRA 4-in-1 Multifunctional Dog Leash is designed to provide the essentials for medium-sized dogs thanks to the following features:

  • Carabiner Quality

The carabiner is one of the first dog leash components affected by wear and tear. It is the metal clasp that connects the leash to the collar.

To ensure that it won’t be an issue, this dog leash has a lightweight, durable carabiner made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. It has a Max Force Tension of about 350 kilograms.

Also, the carabiner’s ergonomic curved design makes locking the D-ring easier.

Thanks to the thickness and style of this component, it can fit the majority of standard collars. You can twist the carabiner around to avoid tangles.

  • Elasticity

To accommodate dogs that can pull strongly, you need a leash with exceptional anti-shock properties.

The IOKHEIRA 4-in-1 Multifunctional Dog Leash is all about cushioning because of its Zero Shock technology. You’ll be able to control and absorb the impact without putting strain on your body, which allows for a better experience and less fatigue.

  • Multifunctional

Like the other entries on this list, this dog leash comes with a car buckle. You can turn this item into a dog seatbelt, which can be significantly convenient during travels.

The D-ring is strong enough for hanging accessories like a poo bag or a dog bowl. It can also help increase your dog’s visibility because of its reflective threads.

  • Adjustability

The IOKHEIRA 4-in-1 Multifunctional Dog Leash’s length is customizable from four to six feet. This length is the ideal blend of control and freedom, allowing your dog to be mobile yet manageable.

While it is marketed as a leash for medium-sized dogs, it can also accommodate small and large breeds. Its wear-resistant nylon construction significantly contributes to the versatility of this dog leash has.

IOKHEIRA attests that it can withstand the force of pulling dogs weighing up to 200 pounds.

  • Handles

The convenience provided by the adjustability and elasticity of the 4-in-1 Multifunctional Dog Leash is enhanced by its two handles. You can use the walk handle for casual strolls in the park because it allows your dog more mobility.

On the other hand, the traffic control handle allows better control. It’s perfect when crossing the street, using your phone, talking to others, buying something, or sitting on a bench.

The restriction on your dog’s movement is beneficial because it’s less likely to be stimulated by other animals, objects, and people in the area. Its non-slip rubber handle may come in handy if your palm gets sweaty or wet.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to hold
  • Comfortable


  • Clip can’t release easily
  • Buckle insert durability issues

Buyer’s Guide

Not all leashes are made for every size and breed, so picking the correct one for our beloved companion is slightly challenging. This is more evident for pullers, as regular leases won’t able to provide the support and features required for handling them.

To ensure you’ll make the right choice, consider these factors listed below.


Adjustable leashes are perfect for dogs that pull because they allow the owners to have a customized length without compromising balance and comfort. Leashes that offer length adjustments usually provide strong control while also giving some freedom of movement.


Dog leashes are made with different materials. Nylon is widely-used and long-lasting but can cause rope burn if you have a powerful dog that pulls around a lot.

Leather is another reasonable choice because it is soft and feels easy on the skin, but it requires extra care and can be expensive.

That said, a nylon leash with padded handles is the practical choice for pullers because it offers durability and hand protection.


Choose a length appropriate for your dog’s leash behavior. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pick a shorter leash because it tends to pull a lot.

Find a leash with an average length because it offers a balance between freedom and control.

When considering the width, base it on the size of your dog. For example, larger dogs need wider leashes to accommodate their movements without sacrificing comfort.

Which Leash Is Best for Your Dog That Pulls?

Our pick for the best leash for dogs that pull is ThunderLeash. It focuses more on the dog’s well-being, particularly when it pulls.

ThunderLeash is designed to encourage dogs to be calm, which decreases the chances of sustaining injuries. You can also utilize it as a training leash to reduce your dog’s pulling tendencies.

You can also pair this item with ThunderLeash to further enhance the bonding experience between you and your beloved companion.