Best Nail Grinder for Large Dogs

If you are a pet owner, you will know that grooming is essential to your fur baby’s overall health. Apart from your dog’s coat and skin, you also have to take care of their nails.

Your dog’s nails need trimming every four to six weeks, or it will become uncomfortable for your pet and dangerous for you.

Most pet owners can attest to the challenge of using a nail clipper for their fur friends. However, that kind of tool is used primarily for smaller dogs.

Today, we have five of the best nail grinder for large dogs, and we are here to check out each one’s features.

Best Nail Grinder for Large Dogs: A Review

1. LuckyTail Nail Grinder Bundle

If you are looking for the top-rated nail grinder for dogs, this one from LuckyTail is a perfect choice. This company aims to provide the best life for your pets through its innovative and pet-friendly products.


The LuckyTail nail grinder is one of the ideal grooming tools in the market today, offering innovative and pet-friendly products. As it is, most dogs don’t like having their nails clipped.

While grinders can be challenging for other pets, this nail grinder comes with outstanding features that make it an excellent grooming tool for your pets.

  • Quiet

Dogs feel stressed whenever they hear loud noises nearby like hair clippers, hair driers, and noisy nail grinders. Your dog can feel the tension even before they hear the noise or feel the vibrations of these grooming tools.

The LuckyTail nail grinder emits a sound as loud as 50 dB, which is way quieter than an average Dremel tool that sounds like a drill.

  • Cordless and Rechargeable

Corded tools are more inconvenient to use as they are more likely to tangle and get in the way of what you are doing. A cordless tool is an excellent option, although most are powered by cells that may require changing from time to time.

On the other hand, this nail grinder from LuckyTail can run for a maximum of four hours after an hour of charging via the included USB cord.

  • Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of the nail grinder provides comfort for the user, making it more manageable. It is a straightforward tool that is easy to hold, like a pencil or a knife.

  • Dual Speed

Most nail grinders come with a single speed in a one-size-fits-all model. However, you may need different rates of motion based on your dog’s maturity.

Mature dogs have thicker nails, so they may need a faster grinder. In contrast, puppies may require a slower motion and get used to the tool.

  • Minimal Vibrations

Probably the most critical aspect of the LuckyTail nail grinder is the number of vibrations it creates. Vibrations, whether weak or strong, cause stress to your pets. Hence, it’s crucial to consider this feature when buying a nail grinder.

The LuckyTail nail grinder has minimal to no vibrations, making it perfect for your fur friends, especially puppies. Additionally, this nail grinder features a small light for easier viewing of the nail while grinding.

  • What’s in the Box?

This LuckyTail nail grinder bundle comes complete with the following inclusions:

    • One dog nail grinder
    •  Two extra grinding heads
    • One super soft head
    • One extra hard head
    • Free shipping
    • Extended one year warranty


  • Easy to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Ultralight vibration
  • Ergonomic design
  • Wireless


  • The bit is too fine
  • Not for big dogs                                                        

2. Casfuy’s Upgraded Dog Nail Grinder

best nail grinder for large dogs

Casfuy believes that your fur friends deserve the best and stress-free nail grooming in the comforts of your home. That’s why they’re offering this tool.


This upgraded dog nail grinder is another high-quality tool from Casfuy, allowing you to trim and shape your dog’s nails with excellent precision. Some of its most notable features are as follows:

  • Safe and Effective

With its advanced diamond drum bit, this nail grinder delivers safe and precise trimming of your pets’ nails. Most pet grooming professionals recommend this upgraded version of Casfuy dog nail grinder.

  • Dual-Speed Switch

The grinder comes with an adjustable and powerful dual-speed switch suitable for heavy grinding jobs. Low to high-speed adjustments allow you to use the nail grinder for both puppies and adult dogs.

Additionally, three grinding ports give you different options to use depending on the size and hardness of your pet’s nails.

  • Low-Noise Grinder

Loud noise and intense sensations are two nail grinder features that can make your fur friends stressed during their grooming session.

Luckily, this electric nail grinder comes with an excellent motor equipped with whisper-quiet technology, only producing up to 50dB. The low vibration it creates keeps your pets calm as you grind and trim their nails.

  • Portable and Rechargeable 

This cordless nail grinder comes with a built-in rechargeable battery. The light indicator at the bottom of the tool turns on as you charge.

Using the included USB charging cord, you can use the tool effectively for two hours on a single three-hour charge. Its ergonomically designed lightweight body gives you the portability to use it on your pets anytime, anywhere.


  • Easy to use
  • Low vibration
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a light
  • Rechargeable


  • High-pitched sound
  • Defective LED light

3. Primens ClawMaster Dog Nail Grinder

The Primens ClawMaster is a professional pet nail grinder suitable for small, medium, or large dogs.


Let your dog enjoy the professional grooming experience in the comfort of your home with this dog nail grinder from Primens.

  • High-Quality Materials

This dog nail grinder from Primens is made of premium quality plastic that is smooth and comfortable to hold. It comes with a diamond grinder head that helps reduce the length of your pet’s nails with ease.

  • Long-Lasting Working Time

This wireless dog grinder comes with a built-in rechargeable battery which can last up to 11 hours of working time on a full charge. Since it is a cordless tool, you have freedom of movement, allowing you to use it anywhere and anytime.

At the bottom of the nail grinder tool is a USB port for charging purposes. It requires three whole hours to complete the charge.

  • Low Noise Motor

The whisper-quiet technology of the pet nail grinder makes it suitable even for puppies, allowing them to feel at ease during grooming. Running at 5500 to 7000 RPM, this quiet but powerful motor ensures that it does its job effectively.

  • LED Light

The ClawMaster nail trimmer comes with an LED light ensuring a safe and accurate nail trimming procedure. It’s a great help in spotting a quick on your fur friend’s nail and avoiding it during grooming.

  • Dual Speed

With the nail grinder’s low and high-speed settings, you can use it for either small and large dog breeds. Additionally, the double-sided security cap offers a pain-free and safe grinding experience for all nail types.


  • Quiet operation
  • Has an LED light
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Portable


  • Don’t work well on thick nails
  • Not powerful enough                                            

4. IOKHEIRA Dog Nail Grinder

IOKHEIRA Dog Nail Grinder is a pet claw care expert offering safe and painless nail grinding and trimming procedures.


Be confident in trimming your pet’s nails using this updated version of the IOKHEIRA dog nail grinder.

  • Dual LED Lights

This dog nail grinder from IOKHEIRA comes with two LED lights, allowing you to see and avoid the nail’s blood vessels.

  • Rechargeable Battery

The cordless nail trimmer is fitted with a durable battery and comes with a USB charging cable, making it easy to replenish. The indicator lamp will show a red light when the battery is low or connected to the charger. It will be fully charged after an hour, providing you with a four-hour working time.

  • Low Noise and Vibration

The unique design of this dog nail grinder creates minimal vibration and noise as low as 40 decibels. Your dog will never be scared of having its nails groomed and trimmed again.

  • Dual Speed

Apart from the dual-speed modes of the IOKHEIRA dog nail grinder, it also comes with two ports and three grinding heads. It functions at slow and fast speed varieties of 5800 RPM and 7800 RPM, respectively.

You can use this versatile tool for all dog nail sizes by changing the port and adjusting the speed depending on what you need.

  • Lifetime Warranty

All IOKHEIRA products have a lifetime warranty coverage, including this updated dog nail grinder. You can contact the company’s customer service team whenever you encounter a problem with the product and wait for the response within 24 hours.


  • Quiet operation
  • Small
  • Quick charging
  • Sleek design
  • Portable


  • Battery does not last long
  • Not for big dogs

5. Dremel PawControl Nail Grinder Kit

The PawControl is one of the latest nail grinder models from Dremel, mainly designed for pet owners to help trim their dogs’ nails.


This battery-powered nail grooming kit from Dremel provides a safer substitute to dog nail clippers or files. The kit comes complete with everything you need to trim your pet’s claws with ease in the comfort of your home.

  • Lightweight and Portable

The soft grip materials used to create the nail grinder make it lightweight, while its cordless design gives excellent portability for the tool.

  • Multiple Grooming Options

This grooming kit comes with a nine-piece accessory set for a variety of nail grinding options. Changing accessories is more manageable with an EZ twist nose cap.

  • Nail Guard

The Dremel nail grinder comes with a 45-degree paw guide. It offers an excellent dust collection and nail trimming angle. It also lessens the risk of hurting your pet when its claws are clipped too short.

  • Rechargeable Battery

The PawControl uses a rechargeable four-volt lithium-ion battery to ensure that you can use it anytime. You don’t have to worry about running out of power as charging the nail grinding tool is more straightforward with the USB cord included.

  • Variable Speed

This nail grinding tool is straightforward to use. Simply slide the switch for accurate control and grooming speed according to the size of your pet and its nail thickness.

  • What’s in the Box?

Upon purchase of the PawControl, you will also receive the following:

    • One li-ion battery
    • Nine pieces accessories
    • USB charging cable
    • 5V Power adapter
    • User Manual
    • Quick start guide
    • Two-year card


  • Easy to handle
  • Powerful
  • Has multiple speeds
  • Plenty of accessories
  • Versatile


  • Powerful for small dogs
  • Noisy

FAQs About Nail Grinders for Large Dogs

1. How Do I Grind My Pt’s Nails at Home?

If you are new to nail grinding, you might feel nervous and hesitant to do it on your pet. Here are some tips to follow for a stress-free experience.

  1. Allow your dog to get familiar with the nail grinder by turning it on and off near your pet and letting them sniff the tool.
  2. Ensure that your dog stays still before you begin the grinding procedure to make it less stressful for both of you.
  3. Keep the dog’s hair away from the nail grinding tool before you start to prevent the hair from getting tangled.
  4. Get hold of your pet’s paw and apply the tool underneath the nail tip, ensuring you are grinding one layer at a time.
  5. It would be best if you take frequent breaks to prevent the tool from overheating. Take this time to check on the current state of the dog’s nails.

2. Why Are Nail Grinders Better Than Clippers?

These nail grinding tools provide a smoother finish than clippers, especially on thick nails. They are also safer to use, reducing the risk of hitting the quick.

However, it may require a longer time to finish trimming each nail. Additionally, some dogs don’t like the noise and vibrations coming from the grinding tool.

3. How Can I Avoid Cutting the Quick?

The quick is the blood supply and will grow as long as the nails. For you to trim your pet’s nails, you must be very careful to cut the part longer than the quick.

It is best to do this daily as the quick will shorten along with the nails. Also, use a nail grinding tool instead of the traditional nail clippers.

Try grinding the nail slowly as far as your pet will tolerate and preventing you from squeezing the paws and the claws and risk hitting the quick.

4. How Often Should I Trim My Pet’s Nails?

As a general rule, monthly trimming is ideal, but it also depends on your pet. Some dogs wear their nails down on concrete, so they may require minor trimming.

On the other hand, pets that spend most of their time indoors may need more frequent nail trimming sessions. Overgrown nails can cause health concerns for your furry friends like painful ingrown nails, sore feet, hips, and legs, resulting in overall discomfort.

Which Nail Clipper Should You Choose for Your Dog?

Short and smooth nails will always be safer and healthier for your dogs. It will also save your hardwood floors and furniture from getting scratched.

So don’t delay it any longer and grab the best nail grinder for large dogs from the five choices reviewed above.

We recommend the Dremel PawControl Nail Grinder Kit as the best option because of its power. It can easily trim down the nails of your fur friends, whether small or large breed, so they can enjoy having well-groomed nails.