Best Things about Owing a Labrador retriever

There are something special about Labs and you should obviously be proud of that when you have one of your own. Actually Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Better to say we all have an outline idea about this breed, but if you really want to know something amazing about their characteristics, you should obviously read this article. Some of the common things we hear most of the time are that labs are great family pets, they are very loyal, very intelligent in nature, but we say if you are really interested about this breed or even you own this breed, you should know something interesting about them. So here are some best things about owing a Labrador retriever.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador retriever:

Easy to Train: Labradors always positions on the top about this matter. Actually they are so intelligent that you will hardly have to work a lot on training them. The fact is that, they will always need a good leader. To make them a well behaving dog, you should always train them from their very young age. Normally they can understand and learn short human cues very well.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador Retriever 1

Bonding with Children: This dog breed is always known for maintaining good relationship with the children and kids. As we have said earlier, they are very gentle, social and well behaving dog. But that need a little bit of training. They can spend several hours playing with your kids but never think of leaving your dog alone with the kids without any adult supervision.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador Retriever 2

Smelling Sense: You probably know well about that. Labs are good smellers and they can almost predict anything with their sense of smell. You will see all around the world that Labradors are used by the armies and police to solve various purposes. The fact is that they can perform this work very well and with a great efficiency.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador Retriever 3

Playful: Labradors are great players. If you really want to play with them all the time, they will never leave you bored. You will be getting a great response in this matter. Labs love to play all the time and they also wish to play with the family members. It’s good to take them to nearby parks or ground regularly to spend some good play time. This will also keep them fit and will also increase their agility.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador Retriever 4

Nature: If you own a Labrador, you should be proud of their nature. Yes it’s really something to be proud of. Actually Labradors never think of their life, they will jump out to save another’s life. They are very loyal towards their owners and will do anything to protect their leader. Most of the time they spend on giving you the proper security.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador Retriever 5

Bonding with Other Pets: Most of the dog breeds are not at all friendly with other pets in the home. So if you have such an environment, you should think a lot before selecting a particular dog breed. But Labrador is going to give you some relief in this case. They will easily bond with other pets in the home, if you keep them together from a very small age. Even, if you bring them after a certain age, it will not be a great problem after they spend some days together.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador Retriever 6

Agility: During their young age, you will find that Labradors have a great agility. But as they are very picky eaters, they rapidly gains weight after a certain age. So you are the one who can save your pet in this matter. Make them do some regular exercises and walk so that they can maintain their proper agility. They are usually regarded as an agile breed.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador Retriever 7

Health: Due to various reasons Labradors are mainly regarded as healthy breeds. But what to know about their health? There are some typical health issues that can be spotted on most of the old Labradors. Hip and knee dysplasia, eye problems are most common that you will see on every old Labrador but unfortunately these are the common health issues in each and every dog breed. They have a life expectancy of about 10-12 years.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador Retriever 9

Easy Grooming: Most of the dog owners think of grooming their dog as this is one of the most difficult responsibility you will have to perform. But if you are a lab owner then you are going to get a sigh of relief. Labradors shed a lot so you will have to brush them once a week to keep it in control. Their short coat makes them water proof and keep them warm even in cold weathers.

Best Things about Owing a Labrador Retriever 8

So what’s your mark for a Labrador out of 10? That’s of course depending on you, but you can’t do any injustice in this case after knowing about their features. All these major features make Labrador a great family pet. So you should be proud to know about the best things about owing a Labrador retriever.