Eight Vegetables to Improve your Dog Health

Really tensed about the healthy diet for your dog? This article is the ultimate place for you. Improve your dog’s health with veggie diet.

Yes it’s true that dogs can remain healthy with vegetable diet but not all the vegetables are good for them. So before planning for a vegetable diet for your pet you should have some idea about the vegetables that are god for them.

But actually the main problem lies that whether your pet will like it or not? According to the renowned vets, Dogs love to have vegetables in their diet except some in rare cases. But you have to keep in mind that only vegetables can’t fulfil the nutritional needs of your dog.

So in that case you have to also provide other foods that are rich in nutrition. So let’s have a look at the vegetables that are suitable for dog health.

Vegetables to Improve Your Dog Health:

1. Spinach: Spinach is a very good diet option for any dog as it is rich in iron and antioxidants. The antioxidants present in spinach helps in developing cardio-vascular system and certain types of cancer in dogs. The Vitamin K, an essential substance which develops the bone health in dogs is also found in spinach. Rich iron presence helps to heal the dogs suffering from anemia.

vegetables to improve your dog's health1

2. Broccoli: As we know that broccoli is a great vegetable for humans. Simultaneously it also a great diet option for the dogs. The Sulforphane present in broccoli develops the immune system in dogs and as broccoli is a pure green vegetable it contains a large amount of chlorophyll which fights with carcinogens and reduces the risk of cancer. Remember not to feed a lot of broccoli to your dog as it can result in upset stomach.

vegetables to improve your dog's health2

3. Sweet Potato: Sweet Potato is a very beneficial diet option and it is rich in various substances like Vitamin A, B-6, C, E and calcium, iron, copper, folate, manganese, thiamin etc. And it also seems very tasty to the dogs. Sweet potato develops the cellular functions in dogs.

vegetables to improve your dog's health3

4. Pumpkin: Pumpkin s very rich in Vitamin C and contains a lot of fibers. The fibers help in healing constipation and diarrhea by absorbing water. It is a great natural remedy for intestinal health and it strengthens the eye sight and immune system.

vegetables to improve your dog's health4

5. Rutabuga: Although it is not a very common vegetable but it serves great in the diet option as it is rich in potassium, carotenoids and Vitamin C which together maintains the DNA development in cells and aids eye-sight. It is less in phyto-chemicals which reduces the risk of some chronic diseases caused due to aging in dogs.

vegetables to improve your dog's health5

6. Carrots: carrots are always a great food for dogs. Both cooked and uncooked form serves great for them. The beta carotene gets converted into Vitamin A after going to the liver. It also helps in night vision and fights with cancer. Uncooked Carrot can relief your dog from anxiety and serves a great chewing item.

vegetables to improve your dog's health6

7. Green Beans: First of all it contains Omega-3 fatty acids which make the heart healthy and it is also rich in some other substances like manganese, Vitamin C and K. It helps in reducing blood fat levels in dogs.

vegetables to improve your dog's health7

8. Flaxseeds: Flax seeds are very rich in nutritional value. They contain various fibers and lignans which are great for insulin action. It is also very rich in Vitamin B folate which regulates the Cell function. It is a great source of Manganese, Magnesium, Pyridoxine, Copper and Phosphorous which all together serves great for dogs.

vegetables to improve your dog's health8

All though keeping your dog in a natural diet is always a good idea but still you should always consult with the veterinary doctors to get some more good diet ideas as sometimes your dog may need some other essential substance to improve their total health.