Best Washable Dog Beds for Large Dogs

Like every part of your household, you also strive to keep your dog’s belongings, such as toys and beds, clean.

Having a clean and hygienic dog bed ensures the health of your dog and all family members.

The best washable dog beds for large dogs will cut back on the time, effort, and budget spent on maintenance.

Therefore, we have put together a list to help you identify the best washable dog bed to accommodate large-sized dogs.

Best Washable Dog Beds for Large Dogs: A Review

1. Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed

best washable dog beds for large dogs

The elevated design of the Coolaroo dog bed regulates temperatures by ensuring increased airflow.

The suspended platform stays cleaner for more extended periods compared to floor beds.

Nonetheless, the fabric is easily manageable and can be cleaned with a hose and soft pet-safe detergent.


The Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed is specifically designed with increased airflow in mind to ensure your dog stays cool through the warm days.

It also prevents mold, mildew, and other allergens from forming on the bed and compromising your dog’s health.

You will also notice fewer unpleasant odors and less fidgety or restless canine as the airflow counteracts the sweat formed on your dog’s skin.

The off-the-ground design is perfect for senior dogs with achy joints since it provides low-impact regions that reduce pressure on ailing regions.

Additionally, its elevated design makes it less susceptible to getting dirty, maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

We found the powder-coated steel frame of the Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed to be extremely durable.

Even with exposure to weathering agents when placed outside, the bed’s tough exterior holds up nicely without compromising on utility.

Its lightweight design also allows you to move the bed indoors and outdoors or even take it along with them on trips.

A favorite feature of the Coolaroo The Original Elevated Pet Bed is the HDPE breathable and lightweight fabric.

It is soft on the pet’s skin and provides a flexible surface to help relieve stress from ailing joints.

While the fabric may not be machine-washable, you can clean it easily with a hose and some soft pet-safe detergent.


  • Portable
  • Durable frame
  • Easy maintenance
  • Breathable fabric
  • Regulate temperatures


  • Not as supportive as memory foam

2. Barkbox Dog Bed

This high-density memory foam dog bed is designed to provide maximum support to senior and injured dogs’ ailing joints.

Pet owners love how the mattress naturally conforms to the dog’s body.

It is also pretty easy to clean, ensuring a healthy environment for your dog.


The therapeutic gel memory foam mattress help relieve pain from the ailing joints.

As the mattress naturally conforms to the dog’s body, it divides the weight across its base to achieve maximum spine alignment.

Additionally, the gel memory foam’s top layer has an inbuilt temperature regulating mechanism.

Such a feature provides a comfortable environment for resting canines.

We particularly love the three-inch height of this high-density memory foam.

It is an ideal height to support the transitioning movements of older dogs suffering from joint ailments.

As the dog moves from standing to sitting and laying down, the memory foam’s height provides a head start by preventing hyperextension of the limbs.

The mattress cover is water-resistant, protecting against accidents and spills and ensuring a clean space for more extended periods.

The removable cover can also be machine washed and layered with a mattress protector to provide maximum protection for the inner padding.


  • Water-resistant
  • Machine washable cover included
  • Pressure and pain-relieving memory foam
  • Internal temperature regulating mechanism


  • Mattress may take up to 72 hours to become fully expanded
  • Mattress requires airing out to remove packaging odor

3. Bedsure Extra Large Dog Bed

The Bedsure Extra Large Dog Bed’s versatile design makes this model a highly sought one among pet parents.

All the mattress features are designed to focus on promoting health and providing maximum support to senior dogs.


We found the design of the Bedsure Extra Large Dog Bed extremely versatile.

For starters, you can use it independently or within crates and bed frames, depending on your pet’s preferences.

Its cover also has a reversible feature that ensures maximum utility throughout the year.

The Oxford fabric has an inbuilt cooling mechanism that promotes adequate temperature regulation and prevents itchiness.

In the cooler seasons, the fleecy side provides a plush, warm surface, reducing inflammation in achy joints and promoting rest.

The unique egg crate foam is designed to support and conform against your dog’s body by uplifting it and preventing sinking in.

Its breathable and supportive nature relieves pressure from prime positions to support recovery and promote wellbeing.

Despite the high functioning features of the Bedsure Extra Large Dog Bed, its cleaning and maintenance routine is pretty straightforward.

The reversible cover is machine washable and can also be spot cleaned with mild detergent when required.


  • Easy set up within 24 hours
  • Reversible cover
  • Easy maintenance
  • Relieves pressure from achy joints


  • Packaging leaves behind a strong odor that may take days to go away

4. Furhaven Pet Dog Bed

The Furhaven Pet Dog Bed is the perfect bed for canines that curl up into a ball when sleeping or resting.

Its donut-shaped design with a plush faux fur cover offers maximum comfort to nestle away the long days.


This donut-shaped dog bed has an extremely soft and plush interior and surface, providing a warm, comfortable, and supportive environment for resting.

Our most favorite feature is the versatile interior lining that allows you to adjust stuffing levels according to personal preference.

Additionally, the zippered access allows you to replace the stuffing with more environmentally friendly options such as rag shirts.

In terms of maintenance, both cover and interior liners are removable via zippers and easily machine washable.


  • Toxin-free recycled filling
  • Easy machine washable cover and liner
  • Adjustable filling according to personal preference


  • May skid over flat surfaces

5. Puppbudd Dog Bed

The Puppbudd Dog Bed offers your furry friends a sense of security within the raised edges of its fortified boundary.

It is the perfect amalgamation of high-quality comfort and support.


Upon first glance, you will naturally be pulled in by the bed’s ultra-plush fleece cover.

It not only looks comfy and feels gentle against your furry friend’s skin, but also ensures longevity because of its durable construction.

The stuffing of the bed supports its overall plush and comfy vibes. This high-quality fiber filling is also responsible for ensuring the structural stability of the bed.

Also, you will love the waterproof and non-skidding back panel, which helps hold the bed steady during the various movement transitions.

The Puppbudd Dog Bed’s easy maintenance regimen allows you to machine wash the entire bed and tumble dry on a low setting.

Unlike other dog beds, this one does not require any additional air-drying since the bed dries quickly in one drying cycle.


  • The whole bed is machine washable
  • Can be tumble dried on a low setting
  • Support dogs suffering from dysplasia and arthritis
  • Raised edges ensure a sense of safety 
  • Non-skid back section


  • Inadequate airflow; prevents temperature regulation

Can You Wash a Large Dog Bed?

Washing any sized dog bed should be a part of your regular cleaning regimen. Essentially a dog bed should be washed every week or once in two weeks.

However, if you have a messy dog or one that sheds a lot of hair, we recommend washing the bed more frequently.

How Do You Wash a Large Dog Bed?

Before you start washing your dog’s bed, we recommend thoroughly going over the bed’s label for any specific washing instructions.

If you have a large dog bed with a removable cover, you can easily wash the cover separately and vacuum the inner padding before replacing it.

For dogs that shed a lot, we recommend removing excess hair before placing the cover in the washing machine to ensure a thorough clean.

You can do this in one of two ways or both, one after the other if there is any excess hair that still needs removing.

  1. In open-air, vigorously shake the cover to let loose the hair sticking to the cover.
  2. Run the cover through an air-only cycle in the dryer and clean out the line trap immediately right after.

Additionally, unless otherwise specified, we recommend running the washing cycle at a high temperature and running multiple rinse cycles to remove all detergent completely.

On the other hand, if your large bed has a non-removable cover, you can wash it one of two ways:

  • Washing Machine

If your dog bed’s particular brand allows machine washes and your appliance can fit the entire dog bed, then go for it. 

  • Handwash

A great alternative to machine washing is handwashing, especially if the bed doesn’t fit the appliance or the brand doesn’t allow it.

Nonetheless, we recommend soaking the bed in mild detergent and slightly warm water for a short duration before continuing with the remaining tasks.

It will help break down any stubborn stains and odors as well as break-free allergens from the fabric.

For both machine-washing and handwashing, you can use pet-safe detergent or mild detergent typically used for washing baby clothes.

We recommend running multiple rinse cycles or hand-rinsing as residual detergent left behind can damage the dog’s health.

Additionally, if the dryer can accommodate the large bed, then run a short 20-minute cycle on low heat before putting it out for air drying.

Sometimes, running the complete drying cycle can be counterproductive since it can break apart the bed’s filling, so the bed becomes disfigured.

Alternatively, if you are only air drying the bed, we recommend doing it in a well-ventilated space to prevent any mildew and mold from forming within.

How Often Should You Change Your Dog’s Bed?

Changing or replacing your dog’s bed should depend on how it has fared so far.

If your dog’s bed doesn’t feel, look, or smell fresh and clean after multiple washes and cleaning cycles, you should replace it.

Dog beds with removable covers may not require frequent replacing since you can replace the cover easily.

For these kinds of beds, you can also add a protector sheet under the primary cover to increase the filling’s lifespan.

We have found that most pet owners often invest in two covers or beds to alternate between, especially when one is being washed.

Additionally, your family dog may outgrow their initial bed over the years; therefore, needing a new one.

Keep in mind that senior dogs are prone to developing ailments; thus, similar to dog food, they would soon require specialized orthopedic beds with memory foams.

Ultimately, changing your dog’s bed is a personal decision and usually based on several unique facts.

Is It OK to Wash the Dog Bed in the Washing Machine?

If the cleaning instructions on your dog’s bed allow using a washing machine to clean the bed, then, by all means, go for it.

There are several benefits of opting for a machine wash over handwashing. 

For instance, washing machines not only save time but also are more efficient compared to handwashing.

You also do not need to supervise every step of the washing cycle as carefully as when required with handwashing.

That said, there are a few things recommended, as mentioned earlier, when using a washing machine to ensure a thorough wash.

To sum it up, they are:

  1. Use a hot water cycle to help kill any bacteria and allergens that may have formed over time.
  2. Use pet-friendly detergent to prevent irritating your dog’s skin and sense of smell.
  3. Ensure multiple rinse cycles to help remove the detergent thoroughly.

What Is the Best Washable Dog Bed?

The best washable dog beds for large dogs help support a simple, time-efficient, and budget-friendly maintenance regimen.

That said, we found the Coolaroo Original Elevated Pet Bed to be the best washable dog bed with its highly breathable HDPE lightweight fabric.

Although the cover is not removable, it can be easily hosed down and scrubbed clean with a mild detergent.

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