Tricks and Tips: Cheap Dog Care Products

Dogs have different dietary and grooming needs, which must be considered before bringing one into your home. Routine feeding and grooming ensure that they do not develop behavioral problems or resistance. You should also know that patience and consistency is vital to smoother interaction with your pup and what is more, now you need to find out about cheap dog care products.

According to Forbes, your dog would likely cost you between $22,000 to $83,000 over their entire lifetime, depending on the breed. The fact that you have to buy food, toys, medicine, and pay for occasional veterinary visits and pet sitters, makes it more expensive. Believing that your pup can bring joy and happiness into your home makes him/her worth the expenditure, time, and legwork.

Below are ten cheap products for dogs and life hacks for dog owners to make this lifelong-commitment a fun-filled experience.

Ten Cheap Dog Care Products

#1 DIY toys

Dogs love toys, but most pet parents have a low budget and are unable to afford any. Although there are cheap toys for dogs, aggressive chewers tend to damage these playthings within a short time. Having to buy a replacement means incurring more unplanned expenses. You can save money by making DIY toys for your pet at home using materials that are not potential choking hazards.

If you are unsure about how safe the material available at your disposal is, you can stick to commercially available chew toys to avoid ending up with your dog in the ER. Try to keep these toys clean to ensure that they are free from disease-causing bacteria that may harm your pup.

#2 DIY collar and harness

DIY collar

You can make custom-designed collars and harnesses if you own a sewing machine and tape measure. When on a budget, the DIY route is your go-to for quality products that satisfy your pooch’s particular needs. Do not let your old clothes go to waste as they can provide the fabric needed for your design while other accessories can be purchased online.

#3 Poop bags

How to save on Poop bags

Although commercially available pet poop bags are cheap, there are cost-cutting alternatives for cleaning after your dog. You can put old plastic grocery bags to use. For those that never saw a reason to keep these bags after emptying their content, keeping a stash will guarantee that dog poop bags remain convenient and affordable.

#4 Health care plans

Are you wondering how to save on dog care? Since medical expenses account for the expensive cost of owning a pet, getting a health care plan for your pooch ensures that high-cost services can be paid for. With a small fee monthly, you can secure your dog’s future and make sure that they get life-saving treatment at a reduced cost. This strategy comes in handy for dogs that may require expensive surgeries that you cannot ordinarily afford.

#5 Rotating electric nail files

Trimming your dog’s nails is essential to avoid the risk of having trouble walking when it is overgrown. Routine visits to a grooming salon mean additional expenses monthly, depending on the dog breed. Learning to complete some of these tasks by yourself will give you some form of control over your pup’s appearance.

For those that want to trim their dog’s nail at home, rotating electric files are the more comfortable option. Since dogs may resist while you perform the procedure, you may not want to use manual tools like nail clippers that waste your time. The Dremel tool is a perfect rotating electric file that allows you to create a budget spa day for your pets as they get their nails trimmed.

#6 Bitter apple

For dogs that exhibit aggressive chewing, you would want to keep items in your household safe in a way that does not harm your pet. Smearing bitter apple paste on furniture legs and power cords ensure that your dog does not chew on them. The paste is safe and has no detrimental effects when ingested by your pup.

#7 DIY pet shampoo

DIY pet shampoo

Due to some dogs’ grooming needs, they require regular baths to keep their coats clean and healthy. It seems like a lot of work, but a healthy skin ensures that your dog does not suffer diseases that would have been avoided. You can make a dog-friendly shampoo at home using vinegar, baking soda, and Dawn dishwashing liquid.

#8 Doggy breath fix

Dental problems can affect your dog’s quality of life, hence the importance of a healthy diet and a regular tooth brushing routine. Starting early in life ensures that your pet gets used to the activity and probably sees it as treat time when done correctly. It would be best if you had the right pet toothpaste and toothbrush to ensure that there is no damage to your dog’s teeth and gums.

For dogs that do not enjoy the activity, applying the toothpaste on a rope toy and having them chew on it works perfectly. You can also add parsley to their food to fix bad breath naturally, as they enjoy a healthy intake of essential vitamins.

#9 Turmeric for pain relief

Turmeric for dog pain relief

Just as turmeric is known to help detoxify the human body and reduce the risk of inflammation, it has the same effect on dogs. It is known to boost the immune system in canines and is useful in the fight against arthritis. Adding small quantities of powdered turmeric to your dog’s diet is recommended, but remember to check with your vet before making any significant changes.

#10 Flea treatment

Fleas can cause continuous itching in dogs, resulting in severe skin conditions. Regular bathing helps, but applying too much shampoo can cause dryness and irritation, making matters worse. Those living close to the beach can allow dogs to swim, as saltwater helps eliminate fleas. You can try other natural methods described in this guide to cut expensive flea treatment medication costs.


As expensive as owning a dog may seem, you can make a conscious effort to save money while meeting their daily requirements. These tips and tricks will make time with your pet fun as you create exciting experiences together. You may also need to make certain lifestyle adjustments to help you thrive on a shoestring budget, especially now when you know more about cheap dog care products.