30 Birds Captured in Extreme Flying Mode

Those who have an idea if wildlife photography, will know that bird photography is one of the most challenging genres in the subject. So working with birds need a lot of photographic skills and experience. Check out our other bird photography articles to have more ideas. But when we see the stunning pictures of bird flight, we just get spellbound. Yes, now words to say. So be ready to get spellbound again as you will be having another experience of viewing the birds captured in extreme flying mode. Though you will be getting a great pictorial experience, in addition, we will be talking about the interesting sides of bird photography. Let’s have a look.

When we start talking about bird photography, we generally say that capturing birds in a flight is very challenging as they are in motion. It’s very hard to cope up with their speed. Rather capturing a bird sitting on a tree or on a fence is far more easy. If you are growing interest in bird photography, first of all as a beginner you will have to get an idea of the frames. Then you will have to learn about technical sides. So this article can be a great inspiration for you. Don’t miss out.

According to the expert bird photographers, there are certain steps of capturing a photo of a bird. It’s not that easy and you will have to know the right way. As a guide we will be telling you all the steps one by one and it will help you prepare yourself for a great beginning. You know well that photography is a medium that comprises of art and technicality. You will have to know about the technical sides and simultaneously you will have to enrich your creative sides. But how can you do that? No it’s not that tough for you as you have interest and dedication.

Birds Captured in Extreme Flying Mode:


One of the basic factors of photography, first of all, you will have to focus on making a beautiful and strong composition. You will have to leave more space on the side on which the bird is flying. This makes the frame look beautiful. Beautiful pictures of Bittern Birds.

Adjusting the Elevation:

A bird photography looks very attractive when the photographer and the bird both is almost on the same elevation. It is not compulsory to be on the same height but it is better to be on a close height. Yeah! this can be tricky but try out.

Camera Settings:

Camera settings are very important when you will capturing anything in motion. You will have to use continuous focus, you will have to select the proper focus point and sharp aperture. Also remember to set the shutter speed in a fast mode or 1/1200th of a second.

Look for the Background:

It is true that most of the time, you will be getting the blue sky as a background but sometimes you can also get some strange and interesting backgrounds. So when there is a chance wait for that. Wait for the bird to come on a lovely background. It will make your picture look interesting. Check out some Pink Flamingo Pictures.

So ready to take the challenge? Go for it and take a try, you can do that. Yes, you will have to study about the birds and know about them and their behaviors. This will do a lot for you. Get ready with all your equipment as we know you got inspired from these amazing birds captured in extreme flying mode. It’s not the time to think, it’s the time to get a click. Best of luck and yes, don’t forget to share this article with others.