13 Famous Long Haired Dog Breeds Around the World

If you are new in the world of raising pets and willing to get a long haired dog then this article is just for you. Some people prefer to have a long-haired dog breed again some prefers short haired. Remember, that dogs always look best in long hairs.

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According to pupjunkies.com, up to 95% of the people prefer having long-haired dog breeds. Actually, dogs are always a good companion; they are very active working and can be decorated for performance in dog shows. Although due to their soft and silky fur coating they are fascinated by each and every age of people. Here we are detailing a list of 10 smart long haired dog breeds around the world.


Long haired dog breeds can be very good to have as a pet since they are very pretty but on the other hand, they can also require more maintenance and are hard to maintain.

Long Haired Dog Breeds:

Some people love the small dog with long hair and some of them loves the large dog with long fur so, we divided into two categories.

Small Long Haired Dogs

Shih Tzu: IT is a very small, long-haired toy dog breed of China. Their ears are covered by long thick fur coating which hangs from the ears. The furs of Shih Tzu is so big that even reaches the floor. When decorated they look very beautiful and cute.


long haired dog breeds2

This dog breed unlike the Afghan hound is a cute and small one and is often referred to as the chrysanthemum dog. This sturdy little dog is cute and what is more, it is also one of the dog breeds with the longest lifespans. This affectionate and playful dog is also loyal and intelligent. However, you need to start training it for obedience at a very young age to ensure that it learns all the commands and does not become too stubborn.

Maltese: Maltese are also white long haired small dog breed. This dog breed is said to be originated from the Central Mediterranean areas. They are very lively and playful in nature. They are also one of the ancient dog breeds in the world.


long haired dog breeds4

This breed of dog not only has long hair, which makes it cute to look at but is also one in the list of hypoallergenic dog breeds. Again a toy dog breed like the Shih Tzu, this one is supposed to have come from the Mediterranean area of Malta. This breed of dogs are playful and lively and you will enjoy having one as a companion. Of course, you will need to ensure that you give it baths and take care of grooming given that it is a longhaired dog.

Havanese: Havanese is the national dog of Cuba. They are found in many color combinations and the furs are very long, straight and silky. They are very social in nature and known to one of the best family pet and companion dog. They can adjust themselves in almost every weather.


long haired dog breeds6


Not only does this national Cuban breed dog have a cute long coat of hair but also one of the top 10 easy to train dog breeds. This breed is short and sturdy and tends to carry its tail curled up on its back. The ears drop and fold to add to the overall cuteness of the dog. This dog has a social temperament and tends to do well in a family situation and not so well when isolated.

Lhasa Apso: It is non- sporting dog breed originated in Tibet. They are used as sentinel dogs in the Buddhist monasteries to alert the monk to any intruders entering the monastery. They are very rich in the sense of hearing and smell. They can be almost found in every common dog colors.


long haired dog breeds8

This dog breed’s origins can be traced back to Tibet, where it was bred as a sentinel to Buddhist monasteries. This dog breed responds to calm commands and needs to be exercised and disciplined with a firm and a kind hand. But you have to know that their cleanliness needs are more as they are counted among the top 20 stinkiest dog breeds.

Yorkshire Terrier: It is a terrier type small dog breed originating in Yorkshire, England. They were used in the 19th century to catch rats and bait them. There are the very famous companion dog and found mainly in grey, black and tan coat. Often they are also known as ‘Yorkie’ as its nickname. They are featured in the dog shows as they look very beautiful when decorated nicely.


long haired dog breeds9

Often called a Yorkie, this breed is also one of the most popular small long-haired dog breed. You also have to know that this is a dog with a distinct personality and carried itself with an air of importance that can be amusing. This dog breed has the tendency to be over-protective and can be very curious. Other than, these breeds Long Hair Dachshund looks really amazing and if you want the long haired dog breed you can also go for this breed.

Large Long Haired Dog Breeds

Afghan Hound: Afghan hound is one of the oldest existing dog breeds on this planet. They are also known as Kuchi hound, Kabul hound, Gladney hound etc. They have big, long and silky fur all over their body. Their long silky fur protects them from the cold weather of high altitudes. They were first popularized in the USA and totally they have a very aristocratic look.


long haired dog breeds1

The lovely long silky hair of the Afghan hound can make any lovely lass sigh with envy. This ancient breed is known for being able to deal with the biting cold due to the very long hair that it sports. This breed is pretty much as dignified and aloof as it looks and can be a bit more difficult to train for obedience. It is known to be aggressive with prey and may not work as well with smaller animals.

Komondor: It is a large, white colored Hungarian origin dog. They are also widely known as ‘Mop’ dogs, as their body furs almost mop the floor. Their furs are so big that you can hardly see their eyes. This dog is very powerful in nature and said to be one of the best sheep guardian dogs. They have a great ability to guard livestock. The Hungarian government has declared them as their National Treasure.


long haired dog breeds3

We won’t really blame you for comparing this breed of dog to a mop because it does look like one due to the abundance of corded hair it has. You will find the komondor being featured in amazing pictures of big dogs because it is large in size.

This Hungarian sheepdog has a guardian instinct that comes naturally to it. They have a muscular body along with long legs that make it a nice livestock guard dog.

Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier: This is an Irish dog breed. It is a long living dog breed. They are very playful and energetic. They need a long consistent positive training. It is said that they are cool weather dogs and their body gets overheated in hot and humid weather.


long haired dog breeds5

This breed is also known to be hypoallergenic like the Maltese and is thought to have originated from Ireland. The coat of this breed can be of Irish type, which means it is silky and wavy or American, which is wooly and thick. It is a medium-sized breed which is very playful and high on energy.

Bearded Collie: Bearded Collie is a famous herding dog used in ancient times by the Scottish shepherds. But now this breed is regarded as a family dog. They are very reliable in nature and used to herd both sheep and cattle. They are also found in many color combinations with long double coated fur.


long haired dog breeds7

This dog is a working dog bred to take care of sheep on the farm, which makes it strong and easy to rely on. When you look at its history, you will realize how 100 years of breeding changed these popular dog breeds, which include the Bearded Collie.If you are prepared to have an enthusiastic and highly energetic dog as your pet, then this is the one to go with.

Bernese Mountain Dog: This dog breed is very large in size. It is mainly found in Germany. Bernese Mountain Dogs are regarded as good working dogs. Their body is muscular and covered with Double Coated tri-colored furs all over their body.


long haired dog breeds10

This large mountainous dog with long hair also happens to be not one of the dog breeds with the longest lifespan. Since the dog breed has been reared to be active and outdoors, you will have to ensure that your dog gets that kind of activity going. This affectionate breed works well with children.

English Setter: English Setter is a very graceful dog and known popularly for its friendly nature. They have been developed in England 400 years ago and regarded as a great family companion.



One of the most intelligent dog breeds, this one is great when it comes to being methodical in hunting. Their appearance overall is very elegant and the feathered hair on their body is long and silk like. Like the country that it is known to be originating from, you can expect this dog breed to have a gentlemanly behavior.

Bergamasco: This is an ancient Alpine Breed which is believed to exist since 2000 years ago and was actually developed to hunt and guard. They are very patient and gentle in attitude and are very caring in nature. They don’t require excessive grooming as it is a hypoallergenic dog breed.



This dog is heavy and big-boned and is covered by hair that is matted and thick. The temperament of this dog breed makes it a good one for guarding or for companionship. You cannot really be blamed for thinking that the coat of this dog is similar to that of the goat. The hair grows from the spine and keeps growing on each side to touch the ground as the years pass.

Black Russian Terrier: They were bred after World War II and it is one of the newest breeds of dogs. They are known as the very powerful guard dog and have the sharp sense of smell.



Also found in the types of large dog breeds with pictures, this one is not truly a terrier in spite of its name. The top coat is rough but the one underneath is soft and silky. This calm and courageous dog is very smart can be trained pretty easily.

But remember that raising long-haired dog breeds is not at all a very easy job. They need regular care and maintenance. So before deciding finally about long-haired dog breeds you should think about the disadvantages of this long-haired dog breeds.

There you go; a list of long haired dog breeds for you to consider.