7 Different Breeds of Horses for Beginners: A brief overview

For those passionate about horse riding, this is one activity that promises unlimited fun. If you are a first timer, it’s important to gain sufficient knowledge about breeds that can help you master the skill well. Though it might spark mixed responses, yet not all breeds can be handled by novices. This is precisely the reason why few types are recommended for those starting out while the pros can try the non-quieter and sturdier ones. But this is not necessarily true. For example, few horses despite having a strong build and energetic nature can be a good fit to beginners.
Ideally, beginners are provided with even-tempered horses having easy gaits. In other words, they learn faster, respond almost instantaneously and stick to their usual behavioral patterns of genteel and calm nature. So if you wish to broaden your knowledge base about few best Different Breeds of Horses for Beginners, here’s what you must read.

Different Breeds of Horses for Beginners

Shetland Pony

A short yet strong pony mostly used for driving purposes is the Shetland pony. Adults prefer them for the ease they provide at the time of riding. Forchildren, the solid mounts are great, Miniature horse breed thanks to their sizes. Known for their reserved, calm and docile temperaments, these horses are simply perfect to behandled. Besides, children feel safer riding them in the saddle. Given their short stature, which precisely measures to 11.2 hands, children often outgrow them after a certain point of time.

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American Quarter Horse

It’s better to call this creature a ranch horse or simply a cow. Not that it shares extraordinary similarity with the latter, but this is one breed that provides great mount, especially for beginners. Given their intelligence and ability to learn things fast, quarter horses are known for their mind mannered nature. So if you are nervous, make sure you ride on this breed first before anything else. Also, they are perfect for ranches as calves do not spook them or herds likely to cause stampeded. So you can have surefooted mounts.

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Contrary to popular beliefs, these make for amazing breeds. Aside their power and high thinking ability, these ‘elite athlete’ horses are gentle natured. Thoroughbreds as the name implies are muscular and look lovely. No wonder they prove to be great crowd pleasers! If trained well, these horses turn out to be the most disciplined among others. The only thing that beginners must be wary of is to take an expert alongside them.

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Irish Sport Horses

Irish sport or Irish hunter is a cross of an Irish draft horses and a thoroughbred, or simply a mix of two Irish sport horses. The athletic build, hunting or jumping capacities, fox hunting skills and equitation are few characteristics that stand out in this breed. For a novice rider, these horses are recommended primarily for the energy that matches with that of the growing rider. Expect a calm, focused and energetic mount.

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Cleveland Bays

Over the years, their numbers have dwindled but if you search, there’s a possibility of finding Cleveland Bays. This is a mix breed, also a cross of the Thoroughbred. Whether you assign this ‘long-lived’ and ‘good doer’ animal some chores like daily farm work or harness for taking the family to the nearby church, everything will be accomplished. For the beginner rider, this bay colored horse reaching 16hh-16.2hh shines for its docile nature too.

Different breeds of horses for beginners

Tennessee walking horse

One of the most desired breeds among beginners is the Tennessee walking horse. The smooth and easy gaits of the horse combined with a calm and friendly nature makes it a real fetch. Besides, its versatility in terms of serving almost all equestrian sports, which includes saddle seat, jumping, dressage, saddle seat and endurance are notable characteristics.

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Carriage horses have a charm of their own. This is one French breed that is fast becoming popular as a riding horse and its quiet nature. From dressage to jumping, expect them to do anything you want. One word of caution here- go for a pure Percheron or a cross, which is a lighter one than the original. Any purebred comes for about 2600 pounds and measures between 15-19 hands high. The amazing thing about this horse is its intelligence, willful nature and a very mild disposition.

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Bonus Tip:
Think of the mature horses that will tolerate almost everything- children’s noises, other horses, wildlife, loads and more and you will know how amazing they can be. These are the experienced breeds that help in easy going mount. As a beginner you might opt for the jumping style, so try and choose the breed having years of experience in jumping.

While getting a horse, always look for a breed that matches your goals as a rider. The above mentioned ones are names of few best Different Breeds of Horses for Beginners. However, you are free to experiment with others depending on your needs.

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