Does Your Pet Need a Calming Bed?

A dog or cat’s behavior is determined by its breed. While this statement may be true, surroundings also significantly impact a pet’s emotions. For example, pets who get to live in a home filled with loveable people and kids tend to be more active and playful than those who live in homes without kids. Likewise, pets who live in noisy or chaotic environments are more likely to become stressed and anxious.

If you notice that your pet seems unusually agitated or nervous, it may be time to think about how you can assist your pet. Besides toys, you can also try offering them a calming bed. Calming beds are designed to help pets relax and de-stress. 

Here are some reasons why your dog or cat may benefit from a calming dog bed:

Feeling of Agitation or Nervousness in Certain Environments

Some pets become frightful during fireworks or other forms of light and sounds. At the same time, others become anxious or stressed when left alone at home. If your pet seems to be particularly agitated in such situations, your pet will try its best to find a safe space away in seclusion. This is why some dogs opt to cower under furniture or in a corner when they feel overwhelmed.

If your cat, dog, or other pets are constantly anxious or stressed, a calming bed can make your pet feel secure and calm. The bed will allow the puppy to feel enclosed and safe, which can help to ease their mind.

Frequent Barking or Whining

If you notice that your pet is repeatedly barking or whining, it is most likely due to stress. Pets who are feeling anxious will emit high-pitched whines or barks, irritating the ear. If you have noticed that your cat, dog, or other pet is getting extra vocal at certain times of the day, you must consider getting them a calming dog bed

In addition, pets are often in tune with the emotions of their owner. So, if you have been experiencing a particularly stressful day, your dog may pick up on this and react accordingly.

Erratic or Aggressive Nature

If you notice that your pet has been acting more aggressively or erratically than usual, it may also be as a result of stress. Pets feeling anxious or stressed may lash out at other animals or people in their vicinity. A calming bed can help ease the mind of a pet who is feeling stressed or agitated. The soft, comfortable bed provides a much more inviting space than the corner of a hardwood floor. 

Your Dog Chews or Eats Their Fur

Pets who are dealing with stress often feel as though they have no control. Therefore, they may turn to self-soothing techniques, such as chewing or eating their fur. This can be a sign that the pet feels overwhelmed and is in desperate need of some relief

If your pet exhibits these behaviors, a calming dog bed may be the solution. The bed will provide them with a safe space to relax and de-stress, which can help to reduce their urge to chew or eat things in the house. 

To conclude, there are several reasons why your dog or cat may need a calming bed. If your pet seems agitated in certain situations, such as when they are left alone or during fireworks displays, the bed may help to ease their stress. Besides, a proper diet and regular exercise routine can also help control your pet’s emotions. And if the condition persists, consult with your regular vet before making any significant changes to your pet’s routine or environment.