What Your Dog Breed Says About Your Personality

Bulldogs, Terriers, Labradors, Golden Retrievers or Poodles, Chihuahua, Pugs – which one is your pick? Did you guys know that the breed of dog you choose as your pet actually reveals many shades of your personality? Yes, you can easily make an overall judgment about the owner of a dog breed depending on the specific dog he owns. In today’s article we have summed up some certain generalizations about what your pet dog breed says about your personality. There might be some exceptions though. But you folks will definitely admit that some prefers easy-to-snuggle-with pups where as the other loves to own a badass dog. And according to studies, this choice is not random but very much scientific. Ok so without keeping you waited for some more time let us just get through these following dog breeds and what do they say about your personality.

What Your Dog Breed Says About Your Personality:

1. Pugs: This wrinkly, cute and always-so-confused doggy is regarded as one of the most trendy dog breeds. They are cuteness overloaded. The owners of these breeds are on the whole even-tempered. They are generally good listeners and charming. They often come up with such delightful things that people get surprised. But, they have a subconscious fear about what others are thinking about them.


2. Bulldogs: Resolved, tenacious yet gentle and loving these are the perfect adjectives for the bulldogs. They are firm and one of their kinds. And their masters are just like them. Generally they are silly and love to laugh and make fun but at particular times they are obstinate. They do not give up any task easily and love to accomplish any task methodically. So, the bulldog owners try not to be hopelessly romantic like your canine friend.


3. Dobermans: Yeah, you will get scared by their strong looks. But the owners of these breeds, you guys are very protective of your family and loved ones. Like your canine friend, you are also intelligent enough. The breed looks frightening and terrifying at the first look but as you get closer to Dobermans you will end up loving them more. Same stands for the owners of Dobermans. Your outer appearance may look stubborn and frightening but with going time, you are such a sweetheart.


4. Boxers: They are playful, they never go out of energy, they are busy and they are full of life. And their owners also fit into these criteria. Boxer owners are always hopeful towards life. They always welcome new friends in life. They are always on their toes. Boxer owners are always sunny-side –up. While their dogs are expelling stress with their playful attitude, their masters are also the ever smiling folks on the earth.

5. Great Danes: They are strong, firm and compassionate and just like your pet pup, you treat everybody you meet with equal compassion but sometimes this is very easy to overcome or influence them. Else the Great Dane owners are shy and well behaved.


6. Pit bulls: If you own a pit bull, you are more likely to be very accepting among people. Pit bull owners are often sympathetic and they are open minded. Pit bulls are masters of their own minds and they do not much bother about what others are thinking about them. Just like them their owners are also easygoing and care a damn about what others are things. This characteristics feature makes them ‘creative’ and ‘confident’ about themselves.


7. Corgis: The corgi owners just love to be in the limelight. Yeah you can say many of the corgi owners are either actors and musicians or some personality belonging to a glamour industry! These cute breed is fun loving, always ready to go out and have a nice experience out in the world. Corgi owners are talkative and often do not stop talking easily. They are stylish, quirky and social beings. For their extrovert character they often get special attention from the others. But one negativity! At times they are so stubborn that they will just not change their views for the sake of anything. Nay!


8. German Shepherds: The masters of these breeds are generally sport loving and extrovert personalities. Like the German Shepherds they are super active, always in running mode and have a competitive mind in themselves. Though they are social and extrovert but they love to hang out with their most close friends as the dog breed does. And due to their competitive streak. They are often the all-time winner in any challenge they take up.


9. Poodles: This breed is fancy and all decked up all the time. And same thing stands for their owners. Poodle owners are always classy and they dress like models and dandies. They can even put a flower in their lapels or can wear gemstone studded necklaces in public to let other know how wealthy they are. They always take pride of their appearance. Moreover they love to party and love to enjoy an evening over a glass of wine. Neatness overloaded.


10. Huskies: Just look at their furs! They are so comfy and proving you to snuggle. The people who own Huskies are born leader and strong. They have their prominent views and approaches towards life and they are strong willed and determined. The husky owners are sport loving and they love to ski, snowboarding and most of the outdoor games. They do not much find problems getting their goals of life because they love to do their own works and do not depend upon others. Self independent breed, haan?


The people who generally prefer the lap dogs and fancy kind of dogs often end up being fashionable and clean at their lifestyle. Extrovert people often like the utility dogs and aggressive people are more into breeds like Rottweilers. So this is all about what your dog breed says about your personality and if you have read this article, next time when you see people with their pets, try to match them accordingly and you might get the spotlight by revealing some hidden traits of their personality!