Weimaraner Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Selecting a perfect dog breed has always been a great confusing matter for us. Actually, this is because of the inadequate information that we all get from different sources. Keeping a dog at home means a lot and there are various things that should be taken into consideration. So now, we all have some fascination on some particular dog breeds and we all wish to bring them home. But before that, it is very necessary to know about them in details. Each and every dog breeds comes with different habits and appearance and that is very important when you bring a dog at home. We have brought various articles dealing with the information on particular breeds and today we will be discussing about Weimaraner dog breed with some amazing pictures.

Weimaraner Dog Breed Information and Pictures:

Origin: Weimaraners were actually bred as a hunting dog whose duty was to handle the big game such as wolves, deer and bear. Later as the forest habitat came into scarce, these dog breed was trained to hunt birds, rabbits and foxes. Weimaraner originated from Germany and the breeds that were actually bred to create this breed was Blood Hound, English Pointer, German shorthaired pointer, Chicken Dog,
Blue Great Dane and Silver Gray Huehnerhund.

Description: Weims are actually large working dogs with a wide pair of eyes and medium sized head. The ears are normally big and folded forward hanging down along the sides of the head. They have a smooth and short coat of hair all over their body. Sometimes a white patch is seen on the chest.

Weimaraner Dog Breed Information and Pictures 2

Temperament: This dog breed is actually affectionate, loving, intelligent and cheerful in nature. If they are trained well, they also become good family dogs. They are full of energy and so you will have to keep them in proper exercise. They can be trained shortly but gets bored if the same thing is repeated always. Don’t keep this dog breed with any other small pets as they have a prey instinct. But they have a bad habit of braking which should be stopped with proper training. All over, they are very social in nature.

Weimaraner Dog Breed Information and Pictures 3

Height and Weight: The males and the females come with a slight difference and can be identified if you really know well about this dog breed. The average height of the males is about 24-27 inches and the females are about 22-25 inches. Now the weight of the males is about 55-70 pounds and the weight of the females are about 50-65 pounds.

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Health Problems: Normally this dog is prone to bloating and so it is very normal to feed them in two or three small meals rather than feeding them with a large single meal in a day. Like many other dogs, they are also prone to Hip Dysplasia and Hypertropic Osteodystrophy (rapid growth rate). In some cases, mast cell tumors are also seen.

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Living Conditions: Weimaraners are good for apartment living only when they will be exercised well regularly. They are normally inactive when in the indoors and will show their original habits in the outdoors. But keep in mind that they are not at all suitable for outdoor kennel life. So if you have a large house with a yard inside it, Weimaraner will be the perfect one.

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Exercise: As we have said earlier that Weimaraners are working dogs with a great stamina. So it is essential to take them for a long walk or a jog everyday at least once. They should also be given the opportunity to run freely all over the day, which will burn their calories. But don’t exercise them after meals and it is best to give them the meals after proper exercise. This will keep them cool all the time.

Weimaraner Dog Breed Information and Pictures 7

Grooming: The smooth short hair is easy to maintain and so you will have to brush them with firm bristle brush and dry shampoo them occasionally. Bath them in mild soap only when necessary. Regularly inspect the feet and mouth for damage after their long exercise sessions. They are average shedders, so you will not have a problem with that and also trim their nails time to time.

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Training: It’s very tough to train them in home if you really don’t know how to train them. They need a very tough training and that will only be possible by a professional dog trainer. They needs proper crate training and will really response good to that.

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Life Expectancy: Generally, a Weimaraner lives for maximum 14 years and the average life expectancy is about 10-14 years.

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So knowing all the information about them, now you will have to think finally that you will bring this dog breed at home or not. Weimaraners can be your great pet but for that you will have to love them a lot and the thing you will be getting in return is awesome.