5 Dog Breeds That Are Friendly with Cats

Do you have a pet cat at home? Now willing to have a dog as your pet? Now there seems a questions that will your new dog be friendly with your old pet cat? Yes all of we know that dogs and cats are always a great enemy. Actually it always depends on the behaviour of the cat. But there are some breeds of dog those may maintain a friendly relationship with your pet cat. Actually you have to be quite careful about choosing the breed while you have a pet cat in your home. Choosing a wrong breed can harm both your cat as well as your dog. As I said above mostly it depends on the behaviour of the cat. Some cat breeds also become very aggressive to protect themselves. And some possess a coward nature. So if you are planning so to get a new dog at your home which will stay friendly with your cat, read this article to gather some knowledge about cat friendly dog breeds.

Dog Breeds That Are Friendly with Cats

Golden Retriever: A very affectionate and brilliant breed. They are very loyal to the owner’s family. In spite of being very gentle and friendly they are harmless to the small children, cats and other animals. Golden retrievers are also said to be obedient working dogs and are very good in dog sports. But you will always have to provide a company to them. There are many classifications of this breed but all the breeds maintain a friendly relation with cats. You may get a good result if you bring it as a puppy because it would be easy for them to relate with a cat or kitten from the first.

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