10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds

Dogs are a favored pet all across the world, here is a list of the Most Intelligent Dog Breeds from across the world:

Australian sheep dog– these are among the most intelligent dogs that are a big asset in keeping control of the cattle.

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Rottweiler: Another dog that comes in handy of herding these dogs are also smart and hardy.

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Papillion: This dog breed that looks so cute is also blessed with an intelligence and loyalty

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Labrador retriever: Yet another canine breed that is valued due to its ability to work as per instructions, this one is also easy to train

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Shetland Sheepdog: This breed of dogs are known for the care with which they handle herds as they handle humans.

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Doberman Pinscher: These sharp and smart dogs rate as one of the best for guarding people and property.

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Golden retriever: One look at this dog will tell you just how smart they are.

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German shepherd: They are smart and always eager to learn new things.

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Poodles: In spite of the cutesy look these dogs have they are really smart and sociable.

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Border collies: These canines are known for being very intelligent and also very energetic.

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