10 Dogs That Looks Like Wolves The Most

Finnish Lapphund:

This dog that looks like a wolf is a shepherd and is used to bring together reindeer in the Finland cold. These are Spitz and cannot be seen in that many other countries. They weigh about 17 to 18 kgs and are blessed with thick long coats and a face that is wolf like. Mostly they have  sable coat though some may be brown or black. The tail will be carried high mostly but can hang low when the dog is in standing position. They are normally healthy but could get cataracts and retinal atrophy. Having a lifespan of about 13 years they love the outdoors and do not mind the cold.



Czechoslovakian Wolfdog: This is a new breed in the dog world and is a cross breed between German Shepherds and Carpathian Wolves. The goal of making this breed was to create the strength and stamina of a wolf and intelligence of a dog. This breed almost looks like a wolf with erect triangle shaped ears.


Kugsha: Kugsha Breed of dog is native to America and are wolf hybrids. This dog is more powerful and larger than Siberian Husky. They are born travellers and loves to explore outside.


Samoyed: It is a Russian breed and their name is derived from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia. They are very strong and well built dog. But they are very family dogs and are very good with children. Samoyeds love to play all the time.