5 Effective Honey Bee Sting Treatments

Honeybees are so wonderful to look at. And the bee’s honey is such a good product for everybody’s health. But when you have a bee sting it can be so painful that you can’t even imagine. Though the beekeepers develop certain amount of tolerance level after getting stung for many a times, it is not a fun story for you and me. If you get stung by a bee the pain is likely to rest for a couple of hours if proper treatments are done else it would stay for even more than a day. The area where honey bee stings are likely to be swollen up .certain amount of itchiness would also be there. But before you apply anything on the wounds what you have to do is you have remove the black mark of stinging from skin as early as you can. This mark is termed as ‘stinger’. Unless you remove it, the venom is likely to spread more. So here are 5 effective honey bee sting treatments that will heal you up.

Effective Honey Bee Sting Treatments:

1. Lavender essential oil: Lavender is the most used essential oils in the world. Either use it raw or if you can’t do that dilute it to certain extent and use it. Lavender oil has such a lovely heeling effect that it heels the wounds or burns very well. Moreover it has antimicrobial properties. It will ease the discomfort and soothe the itchiness too. For using it you need only two things.
– Some amount of lavender essential oil.
– Some other neutral oil (in case you want to dilute it)
Directions: put 1 drop of lavender oil directly on the sting. Or in case of dilution take ½ portion of lavender oil and ½ portion of other oil and mix it. Then put it onto the spot. Do this process twice for the first day. And do once from the second day. It will surely heal your discomfort.

40 Effective Honey Bee Sting Treatment 1

2. Apple cider Vinegar: Since ancient times this is one of the most effective remedy if you have honeybee stings. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is made of apple and it has a pale to medium amber color. It is very easy to use this vinegar on your wound. You just need a cotton ball. Just soak it into the vinegar and apply it onto your wounds. For a while or so, you can feel burn on the area but after that the discomfort will be reduced and you are likely to get relief from pain, do this regularly until you are totally cured.

40 Effective Honey Bee Sting Treatment 2

3. Baking Soda: In our household, baking soda is likely to be found everywhere; we can find it in our kitchen in no time. Amongst all of its uses, baking soda works wonder if used on the bee stung wounds. It gives instant relief .you need to have small amount of baking soda and some water, just mix them two in right proportion and make a good thick paste. It is ready to be applied. Apply it directly on to the area and let it get dry. After your pain is less and swelling is gone just wash it off with plain water and you are good to go.

40 Effective Honey Bee Sting Treatment 3

4. Honey and Turmeric combo: These two ingredients are useful for any sort of skin problems. Honey has its antibacterial properties and turmeric soothes the wounds so well. If you get stung by a bee just arrange some honey. You can apply the honey directly onto your bitten area. It will ease the pain and if you want some added good result make a passé of turmeric and honey and apply it onto your affected area. It will heal and remove the pain.

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5. Mud: Yes, mud can be used on the affected area as well. This can happen that you got stuck by a bee in the woods or somewhere you can’t arrange for any of the above mentioned remedy items. Then mud can come to your rescue. When you get stung just find some mud. Clean all the dirt from that mud with plenty of water. And make a clean paste of mud and water. Apply it directly onto your skin. And let it be totally dried up. After you get back home just wash it off. But this is not an actual remedy. Use any of the above mentioned remedy for total cure. Using mud is a life saver if are totally unprepared.

40 Effective Honey Bee Sting Treatment 5

There are many more options you can try .Like you can use bee- balm (melted bee-wax with coconut oil), Rhubarb juice, Tobacco or garlic cloves also. These are also helpful to heal your pain. If you get stung by bees nearer to a hive.Don’t panic just move calmly from there. The more you panic the more you will entertain the bees to run after you. So just get back to your home and follow the remedies which are easier for you. That’s all folks.