10 Fetching DIY Dog Collars

We people love to do a lot of experimentation with our dresses, jewelleries etc. But we think a very less for our pets. Like us they also love to wear beautiful and decorative ornaments. So it is our duty as an owner to help them with such things.

You will see in dog shows that dogs are decorated very beautifully and not only that dogs are enjoying it very much, they always try to attract peoples with all their efforts.

So we can do many types of experimentation with the dog ornaments also. Actually in this article, we will learn about making 10 types of fetching DIY dog collars which looks beautiful and creative in dogs.

Fetching DIY Dog Collars:

1. Studded Leather Collar: This is a leather collar you can just make it at home in a single day. But the main thing is that you will need some equipment which is used to make leather goods. It is very uncommon to have all the equipments in home so you have to arrange for those equipments.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars1

2. Neon Para cord Collar: This collar is very attractive in design and looks awesome in dogs. It is suggested to use some bright colored para cords here. And all the equipments needed to make it almost available at home but some crafts equipments you will need to buy from stores.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars2

3. Repurposed Necktie: This collar is an amazing idea. In fact you can just decorate an old collar which will look like a new one. It is up to you how you will decorate with a necktie but it’s not so tough and you can complete it within a very short time.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars3

4. Pooch Peter Pan collar: You will not have to face many hurdles as the website with this DIY collar idea will be guiding you with even the template. And the other equipments which are needed in this project are very common. Fabric, Ribbon, Scissors and some craft equipments to decorate.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars4

5. Blinged Out Rhinestone Collar: This ribbon will add an extraordinary personality to your pup. Actually it is a very sparkling collar and looks awesome. Even to make it you will just an hour or less. Remember this idea is only about decoration of a simple dog collar.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars5

6. DIY Martingale Collar: This is a very simple design idea but if made will look great on your dog. It is nothing so gorgeous but remembers simplicity has an extraordinary essence in it. You will need some very common crafts equipment which you will get from a craft shop.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars6

7. Rainbow Para cord Dog Collar: Yes this is another Para cord design idea. This example is good for you if you want to make a collar with very less equipments. Just you will need some crafting skill which you obviously have as you have taken the initiative to make DIY collar for your dog.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars7

8. Up cycled Thrift Store Belt: It is also possible to make your old belt into a new and attractive one for your lovely baby pet. Just get into this amazing idea and gift your dog with a new attractive design.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars8

9. Tooled leather Collar: This is for you if you are looking for a high crafted design idea. It needs a lot of crafting skills and some equipment for crafting the material. But at the end it results in a fantastic Dog collar.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars9

10. Yarn appliquéd Collar: You can’t even imagine that appliquéd can be used such beautifully. It’s not very tough to make but you can add a lot of creativity in it. Try to apply some bright colored yarn so that it looks attractive.

10 Fetching DY dog Collars10