23 Strongest Breed Of Dogs in the World

Canines come in wide range of sizes and it is sometimes difficult to believe that the Chihuahua and the Saint Bernard are actually the same animal species. Dogs are much valued for their loyalty, their friendship and the warmth that they bring to your life. However some people also seek to have dogs based on their qualities like strength, vitality and their agility. These characteristics ensure that  these breeds are suited for them being guard dogs as well as being pets.

That is why some people seek and get the biggest dogs as their pets as they are also the strongest. But just because a dog is huge does not necessarily mean that it is going to be ferocious, so you need to check for this quality as well when deciding on a breed of dog for guarding purpose. You may however go for a more docile nature d dog when you are seeking one as a pet. The thing to keep in mind while looking for a large dog is not only how strong the dog is but also ensure that the dog gels well with the rest of the family and your surroundings.

Strongest Breed Of Dogs in the World


This is a big and very strong breed of dog that needs much space around the home. Mastiff has been seen and found to be a gentle dog that is also immensely loyal. An ideal environment for having a mastiff as pet would be the country or areas in suburbs where space is not that much of constraint. This dog needs moderate exercise and some amount of grooming.
Bull Mastiff

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Italian Cane Corso Mastiff

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Neapolitan Mastiff

Strongest Breed Of Dogs (16)
Tibetan Mastiff

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Great Dane

This dog happens to be rated as the tallest dog and is pretty big. This breed of dog has been used for work and  is known to be quite strong. The Great Dane is seen as tolerant but also a bit deceitful in nature.  Apart from the effort of bathing it, the Great Dane is easy to groom due to the short hair.

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Blue Great Dane

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Great Dane

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Harlequin Great Dane

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St Benard

This breed of dog is known for the phenomenal growth in height and weight. If not properly cared for, a St Bernard is prone to many genetic problems one of the main being seizures. This breed of dog is aggressive and is a good companion. You will need to however exercise this dog regularly to keep it in good condition.

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St Benard Puppy

When it comes to dogs that we want to keep as a pet, some seek the most strongest dog breed. With some dog owners, it is a matter of prestige that they have the most expensive dog breeds and this is workable when the person who picks such a dog from different dog breeds can afford the care and nourishment that the dog requires. However if you want a dog that is supposed to keep an eye on the home and property, then you need to look at guard dog breeds as this breed will help in ensuring that. In such cases, seeking out the most strongest dog breed may not be enough; you need to look at the attitude of the dog breed too.


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This dog is much admired for being an aggressive guard dog as it was bred for guarding and herding which makes it fearless. You will need to train it well to make sure that it does not become too ferocious. The breed will protect its owner with ferocity and tend to be aggressive towards strangers. As far as size goes, the Rottweiler can be classified between medium and large.

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Apart from the sight of it, this dog also possesses a lot of power and looks like wolf . While you may overlook this breed due to the lack of size as compared to other breeds, the speed it possesses along with its ability to hunt wolves makes it a good choice. This dog breed weighs heavily and also has a lot of strength and muscles. They are very protective of their owner and can also be territorial.

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German Shepherd x Irish Wolfhound

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This is a breed native to South Africa and was bred for doing guard duty. These dogs can work hard and also are quite aggressive and territorial. They are also energetic and brave and tend to be really loyal to their owners. They are smart but cannot be allowed to roam without supervision due to their propensity to attack strangers suddenly.

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Mojo Boerbeols

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Great Pyrenees

This is a big breed of dog that is linked to being a sheep guard dog from North America. This is a century old breed and is quite large and characterized by double dew claws which cannot be seen in any other breed. They possess as double coat and have a muscular body.

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Image Credits: © Jukka Lehtinen
Pyrenean Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenees

Pit bull terrier

This one has a strong reflex for giving chase and tends to be on the friendly side though they are only medium in size. Their sturdy body tends to make them really strong plus they also have a long life span. When trained well and allowed to socialize, they are pretty good.  But people do view them as dangerous due to their propensity to give chase suddenly.

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Rumored to have been bred in the Swiss Alps this dog is a working dog and this breed tends to be social and quite gentle, making it a pet for the whole family. The only thing that makes this dog a bad choice is their short life span.

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This dog with its ability to swim using its water resistant coat and webbed feet is very good for a working dog. What is more this dog is also loyal and makes for a great pet too.

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Dogo Argentino: It is an Argentinean dog with large, muscular, white body structure. It is said that this dog has a great similarity with American Pit Bull Terrier. They are famous for big game hunting. This breed is used for police assistance, search and rescue and military work. But if they are trained in such a manner from very early age of their life they can be highly socialized. They leave hardly about 12 – 14 years of age.

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Kangal Dog: Kangal is often referred to a sheep dog originating from the Kangal Valley in Sivas Province, Turkey. Primarily they are kept with ships to actively fend off wolves, bears and jackals. They are famous for their loyalty, gentleness and protectiveness with small children and animals. Mainly they are spotted very calm and controlled but may be dangerously aggressive towards the strangers. They are very intelligent and response very well if trained in a right manner. So they are not at all a good choice for inexperienced owners.

10 Strongest Dog Breeds2

Caucasian Shepherd Dog: It is a large dog breed very famous in Russia, North Caucasian area, Armenia and Georgia. They are very famous breed and also noted for their appearance in various famous novels. They are very muscular and even tempered. As they are mountain dogs so a heavy coat of fur is seen on their whole body. Their life expectancy is very long and quick weight pickers. Proper training should be given to them for better performance as they are used for hunting bears.

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Antolian Shepherd: Antolian shepherds mainly originated in Antolia in Turkey but afterwards developed in America. It is a large dog breed with very strong and rugged appearance. They are very famous for their eye sight and hearing power. They can run very fast to chase the predator with a great agility. Their average life span is 11 years and seen mostly to die due to cancer and cardiac attacks.

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Sarplaninac: This breed is also known as Illyrian Sheep Dog of a livestock guardian type. They have mainly originated from the border areas of Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania. It is a large, strongly built dog. This breed is mainly reliable, protective and independent in nature. If they are trained by an experienced trainer they can even work according to human commands. They are seen as very serious guard dogs. But not a suitable breed for all as sometimes they get highly aggressive. The average lifespan is 11-13 Years.

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Bully Kutta: The Bully Kutta or Pakistani Mastiff is said to be originated from the Sind and Punjab areas of present day Pakistan. It is also found in India. There are mainly used as guard dogs. The word of the name Bully is derived from English word ‘Bull’ in resemblance to Bulldog and ‘Kutta’ means dog in Urdu or Hindi. They are very smart dogs and if trained properly will perform their work brilliantly. Bully Kutta is mainly Docile in nature. They are very loyal, protective, and friendly with family and owner. The temperament ranges in variety.

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Tosa Dog: It is a very rare Japanese dog breed. It mainly originated from Tosa Province of Japan. The size of Tosa generally varies but the appearance is very steady and strong. They are very powerful and large dog breed and mainly ferocious. Amazingly this dog breed is restricted in some parts of UK under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991. Even some insurance companies will not insure a home with Tosa dog.

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Bandog: Bandog is a very ancient dog breed said to have originated around 1250-1300 A.D in Middle England. In ancient days they were trapped and bound by chain in daytime and in night they were released to for guarding against intruders. It is mastiff type dog with heavy body, large and stubborn.

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Leonberger: A giant dog breed originated from the city of Leonberg in Germany. This dog breed is said to mimic the lions. It is a mountain dog with double coated all over the body. They are very muscular, large and elegant dogs. The nature is temperament and loves to give dramatic presence. They are very famous for their intelligence and kindliness. If they are trained in a proper manner they become very loyal, vigilant and confident in all situations. This breed has the capability to be good working dog and rescue dog.

10 Strongest Dog Breeds9

Fila Brasileiro: This dog breed is also very popularly known as Brazilian Mastiff. They have originated from Brazil and falls in the working dog category. They are very famous for their tracking ability, aggressiveness and confidence. They have smooth and short fur coat all over their body. This breed is very protective and behaves in a calm manner in public. But they may become very aggressive and needs to be well trained. If you have frequent visitors at your home then this breed is not at all suitable for you.

10 Strongest Dog Breeds10

Karakachan: Karakachan is a breed that is most popular in the Eastern Europe and they don’t have that wide popularity all over the world. They are used since a long time patroling the borders, guarding the livestock and herding cattle. Karakachan is known widely for its speed and power but they are very friendly and social dog breed in normal.


Landseer: You will find this dog in black and white which actually originated in the Newfoundland. This breed has been included in the list because of their massive strength and fast actions. Actually, Landseer is slowly growing its popularity all over the world and is known widely for its canine lifeguard abilities.


Estrela Mountain Dog: From its name, you can easily assume the originating place of this dog breed, the Estrela Mountain of Portugal. This large and furry dog breed is known to be very brave and of strong nature. Just give them a territory, and they will do everything to guard that from the intruders and that’s the reason they are regarded as one of the strongest dog breeds in the world.


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