23 Strongest Breed Of Dogs in the World

Canines come in wide range of sizes and it is sometimes difficult to believe that the Chihuahua and the Saint Bernard are actually the same animal species. Dogs are much valued for their loyalty, their friendship and the warmth that they bring to your life. However some people also seek to have dogs based on their qualities like strength, vitality and their agility. These characteristics ensure that  these breeds are suited for them being guard dogs as well as being pets.

That is why some people seek and get the biggest dogs as their pets as they are also the strongest. But just because a dog is huge does not necessarily mean that it is going to be ferocious, so you need to check for this quality as well when deciding on a breed of dog for guarding purpose. You may however go for a more docile nature d dog when you are seeking one as a pet. The thing to keep in mind while looking for a large dog is not only how strong the dog is but also ensure that the dog gels well with the rest of the family and your surroundings.

Strongest Breed Of Dogs in the World


This is a big and very strong breed of dog that needs much space around the home. Mastiff has been seen and found to be a gentle dog that is also immensely loyal. An ideal environment for having a mastiff as pet would be the country or areas in suburbs where space is not that much of constraint. This dog needs moderate exercise and some amount of grooming.
Bull Mastiff

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Italian Cane Corso Mastiff

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Neapolitan Mastiff

Strongest Breed Of Dogs (16)
Tibetan Mastiff

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Great Dane

This dog happens to be rated as the tallest dog and is pretty big. This breed of dog has been used for work and  is known to be quite strong. The Great Dane is seen as tolerant but also a bit deceitful in nature.  Apart from the effort of bathing it, the Great Dane is easy to groom due to the short hair.

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Blue Great Dane

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Great Dane

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Harlequin Great Dane

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St Benard

This breed of dog is known for the phenomenal growth in height and weight. If not properly cared for, a St Bernard is prone to many genetic problems one of the main being seizures. This breed of dog is aggressive and is a good companion. You will need to however exercise this dog regularly to keep it in good condition.

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St Benard Puppy

When it comes to dogs that we want to keep as a pet, some seek the most strongest dog breed. With some dog owners, it is a matter of prestige that they have the most expensive dog breeds and this is workable when the person who picks such a dog from different dog breeds can afford the care and nourishment that the dog requires. However if you want a dog that is supposed to keep an eye on the home and property, then you need to look at guard dog breeds as this breed will help in ensuring that. In such cases, seeking out the most strongest dog breed may not be enough; you need to look at the attitude of the dog breed too.

Strongest Breed Of Dogs (22)

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