40 Fluffy Pictures of Puppies that Looks like Pandas

Some years ago, it was the very popular Tibetan mastiff that we regarded as the dog that was mostly similar to the panda in appearance. But as the time has changed, the perception has also changed. Nowadays, there is a new kind of pet known as Panda dogs. If you are a dog lover and have a keen interest on dogs, you will obviously know about this amazing dog breed. Here we have collected some beautiful images of puppies that look like the pandas. So don’t miss is out as you will just miss out some real fluffy experience.








Fluffy Pictures of Puppies that Looks like Pandas:

If you look at them first, it will be hard for you to believe that it’s a dog. Now it’s not possible that a dog can look just like a panda bear exactly. But when you will go into deep, you will start realizing that you are making a mistake. It is a dog that almost looks like a panda bear. Yes, we are talking about the panda dogs, which are now slowly growing its popularity all over the world. But though we call them as panda dogs, they are not at all pandas but they look almost similar to the pandas and it becomes hard for us to separate a dog and bear.









The panda dogs are not the pandas and they neither are born like that. They are actually a breed known as chow-chow. It is a fluffy dog breed that is native to the China. This dog breed is specially groomed, hair clipped and dyed so that they almost looks like the pandas in real. So now you are probably, feeling a bit confused regarding the whole matter. But if we say the whole matter in more easy words, there is no such breeds in this world named as panda dogs; they are just man made by grooming and dying.







Now it is also found that some other fluffy breed of dogs such as Bichon Frise and all are also being converted into panda dogs. In addition, yes the most interesting part is that these so called panda dogs are selling like hot cakes in the market. There is no doubt that the panda dogs are canine but their appearance is completely similar to the panda bears. Even the situation is like that the pet stores are failing to keep their words to the customers who are buying these panda dogs just because of the heavy demand. Most of the pet shops spend days after days just grooming the chow and chow and other fluffy breeds of dogs that can actually be converted into panda dogs.







But the question arises that is it good to do like this with the dog breeds as their losing their originality over time. But the pet shop owners say that there is no cruelty done to the dogs and they use no such chemicals that can be danger for the dogs. The panda bear like look of each dogs last for atleast six weeks and again they needs to be groomed to look intact like before. So this makes the panda puppies costly.





Here you can find some really cute pictures of fluffy puppies that almost look like the pandas. If you haven’t seen them before, just don’t miss this chance to see such beautiful dogs. These panda dogs are increasing their demand day by day but it is truly sad that this dog breed is only available in china for now and so if you want to get one, you will have to go to China and then get one for you. Till then you should enjoy the company of this beautiful collection.

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