13 Foods your Rat can Eat and Avoid

Do you have a pet rat at home? Are you really confused about the food you should feed your rat? As you learn about the safe and dangerous foods for the dogs and cats, you should also know the same about rats. Most people say that whatever you eat is generally safe for rats. But this is not true and yes, you should know about the foods you should give them to ensure a healthy life. From now onwards you should not have any kind of confusions regarding the rat foods. Learn about the foods your rat can eat and avoid.

You never know which food can cause harm or which food is healthy for your cat. Actually, when you are having a pet, it is very important to know about their diet. Otherwise, unknowingly you will be making a great harm to your own pet. Have a look at this article and be sure about what you are feeding. Do you love rats? Have a glance of some beautiful pictures.  

Foods your Rat can Eat and Avoid:

Foods your Rat can Eat:


Rats love banana and it is also a very healthy food for them. If possible, when you give your rat a piece of banana, smash it and add some small pieces of nuts (except peanut) into it. you can even give them dry banana as they are high in potassium level.


Giving a piece of bread to your rat is a good option but some rats show signs of allergy. To sure give your rat a bread and if he is ok, then you can be sure that your rat has no allergy on bread. Give a piece of toasted bread and to soften it, you can soak it in water or milk.


You have seen in cartoons and cinemas, that cheese is probably the best food for rats. Yes, it is but you should give them in a small amount. For better result, you can go for soy-based cheese. Know about the best food for dogs.


Cut the apples into small pieces and remove all the seeds from it. Give your rat apples as they love it a lot. Again be sure that there is no seed with the apple as seeds are harmful to rats.


Among all the meats, chicken is the healthiest meat for rats. You can also give them beef but if possible go for chicken. And yes, chicken bones are great to chew toys for rats. If you are also eating chicken, save the bones for your rat as it will come into use for your pet. But remember not to give a very small piece of bone as your rat
may swallow it.


If you see that your rat is very prone to urinary tract infections, adding cranberry to their diet is a very good option. Actually, cranberry keeps the urinary tract clean and healthy.

Dry Cereal:

You can buy Cheerios for your rat as they are very good food option for them. Even you can give them yummy puffed rice to eat. But try to avoid any kind of cereal that contains a large amount of sugar. Also, avoid rice Krispies.


Foods your Rat should avoid:



Chocolate contains high fat and sugar contents so you should not give chocolate to your rat. Some people may say that dark chocolate are good for rats, we are not sure about it, but overall you should avoid feeding them chocolates.


Never include peanuts in their diet. Peanuts are found to have anti-nutrients for cats. For example, dried beans will destroy Vitamin A and other certain enzymes that break out proteins and starches. Peanuts also cause RBC to clump together. It is really dangerous.

Raw Sweet Potato:

It is also better to avoid sweet potatoes for rats even they are potatoes. If you know that recently in a research it has been found that raw sweet potatoes from cyanide inside the rat stomach, will you feed them? Yes. It’s true.

Poppy Seeds:

Some people may guide you to feed poppy seeds to the rats. But you should know that poppy seeds make rats sick and even it may cause death. However, the real cause is still unknown why it causes such an effect on rats.


It has a high level of Oxalates and so it may cause urinary tract problems and may also result in bladder and kidney stones.

Raw Onions:

Yes we love raw onions and we use it many of our foods, but don’t give it to the rats. Excess consumption of raw onions may cause anemia in rats and also upset stomach.

So it is now clear to you what foods your rat can eat and avoid. When you give them new foods, first few days they will not show great interest. Here you see the list of foods you an’t share with your pet. But after that, they will get used to that food. So you don’t have to be confused about that. Give your pet a healthy long life.