10 Foods you can’t Share with your Pets

There may be a lot of common things between you and your pet. You may both like the same place or you may like the same song, you may like to snuggle and roll on the grass and even your pet also but there is one thing that shouldn’t be the same and that is the food. It is your responsibility to maintain that. Pets likes to eat each and everything you give them but remember human foods are really very dangerous for them. To know more details about the matter, read this full article here.

Foods you can’t Share with your Pets:

1. Vitamin Supplements: Like all mammals cats also need s vitamin in their body. Many of these vitamins are synthesized within their body and some they needs from food. But it is to inform you so that cats need a very small amount of vitamin and can get everything from their balanced diet. They will show serious problems if they are provided extra vitamin supplements leading to vitamin poisoning.

10 Foods you Can't Share with Your Pets1

2. Milk: From our very childhood we know that milk is the favorite food of cats but in reality the scenario is completely different. This myth actually is learnt by us from the T.V, magazine and movies but in natural, cats are milk intolerant. They don’t have enough lactose enzymes to digest milk properly. The same thing is in dogs. They both are the same I case of dairy products and that’s the reason dairy products should be always avoided.

3. Chocolate or Coffee: Chocolate or coffee whatever may be it is, contains caffeine and methylxanthine theobromine. These two products have a serious effect on cats and dogs. These two can cause severe digestion and stomach problem leading to diarrhea and even death in some cases.

10 Foods you Can't Share with Your Pets3

4. Excess Treat: Avoid giving anything special as a treat to your pet. You will get various articles on the internet showing the recipes for healthy dog treats. Follow any of the recipes but also don’t give them a large amount of food. The digestion rate of both cats and dog is very slow and if you give them a big amount of food that will lead to indigestion and nothing else causing a serious issue.

10 Foods you Can't Share with Your Pets4

5. Mud: If you have lawn or a garden at your home, remember that you will have to look that your pet doesn’t eat mud from there. Any animals can easily eat mud when they are hungry and all these things will happen unknowingly behind you. So protect your animals from going to these places where they can find mud.

10 Foods you Can't Share with Your Pets5

6. Rocks: Sometimes a cat or a dog may eat rocks from somewhere in your house but that is really dangerous like the before one. Fishes are also the same and they will always try to eat rocks from the aquarium. In case of the felines and canines, they made need an immediate surgery in such case to remove the stone.

10 Foods you Can't Share with Your Pets6

7. Raw meat: Never give our dog to eat raw meat. You may think that they will like it very much but you should also know that it can cause a serious problem in digestion. Raw or decomposing meat contains different types of parasites which can’t be digested by the dog or cat. It is also the source of various diseases. Raw foods are always high in protein that is not at all good for any animal.

10 Foods you Can't Share with Your Pets7

8. Plants: If you are a plant lover, then be careful of keeping pets in your home. Dogs and cats have a keen interest on various plants and their taste. But the fact is that most of the plants around our house are dangerously toxic for the pet animals. Always try to keep them away from the plants. You also use insecticides and pesticides in your garden that is also like poison to them. Probably you will never like to see your pet eating
poison in front of you.

10 Foods you Can't Share with Your Pets8
9. Alcohol: “Drinking alcohol is injurious to health”, it is true but in case of pet animals the quote should be “drinking alcohol is dangerous to health”. Always try to keep any type of alcoholic beverages or foods away from the animals as this can cause repeated vomiting and diarrhea. Now you can understand the thing which is not good for you at all can be never be good for your pet.

10. Energy Drinks: Most of the energy drinks contain taurine, an amino acid that cats need in their diets for healthy vision and heart function. But in most animals taurine is produced inside their body naturally. So always try to keep these energy drinks away from them to avoid mess. Lastly, remember everything is not for your pet and they carry more energy than you. May be you will need energy drinks but not your pet.

10 Foods you Can't Share with Your Pets10

If you’re a cat owner, Fluffy Planet have created a useful infographic to show which human foods you cannot give to your feline friend.