30 Funny Pictures of Animals Taking a Bath

Animals are weird in the sense that each has their own quirks and specific type of character. This is truly reflected when you look at an animal taking its bath. Some just revel in it and enjoy the whole thing to the utmost extent while others do it reluctantly. There are others who may treat the whole thing as another exercise in playing and having a naughty time on the whole.

But you must know that bathing an animal is not that much different from taking your infant for one. They become slippery and wriggly and try to get soap and water in the mouth. Some of them consider the whole exercise a god-given opportunity to do as much mischief as possible.

Of course there are some animals who become quiet and docile during the bathing process and will show all signs of being cowed down. The best thing to do for such situations is to distract the animal with a toy or some sort of amusement that will make them forget how nervous they are.

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Just like us, animals also have specific aversions to being subjected to a full blown cleaning and they will show it in different ways. The younger ones will have their revenge by ensuring that you too are drenched in the process. The ones that enjoy the bathing process will also not allow you to come out unscathed. In their exuberance at being allowed to do their favorite thing, they may repay you by making a mess of things in their excitement.

But if you have a pet in the house, then it becomes your duty to ensure that your animal gets a bath on a regular basis. To this end you will have to be prepared to deal with all the eccentricities of the animal in question.

Funny Pictures of Animals Taking a Bath


Monkey Enjoy The Hot Bath

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Styling And Clean

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Baby Elephants Love The Bath Time

animals taking bath (2)

Good Clean Fun

animals taking bath (3)

Elephants Enjoy Mud Bath

animals taking bath (4)

No Pictures Please

animals taking bath (5)

Family Elephant Bath Time

animals taking bath (6)

Horse Bath

animals taking bath (7)

A Day At The Spa

animals taking bath (8)


animals taking bath (10)

This Little Tortoise

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