Home Remedies for Curing Dog’s upset Stomach

Dogs are very prone to having episodic upset stomach. Very frequent they get into the symptoms of Vomiting, Lethargy, and Diarrhoea etc. Although they have their natural process of curing them but it doesn’t work sometimes. They eat grass and try to vomit for cleaning their stomach. In some cases they need proper remedy and medication. As a pet owner you have to notice the symptoms of your dog. There are some home remedies you can try out first. But if it doesn’t works, you have to consult a Veterinary Doctor for further treatment. I will be giving some details information about home remedies here. Go through the article. I am sure it will help you to treat your pet dog.

At first you have to diagnose the symptoms. After that you have to identify the cause for which your dog is suffering from upset stomach. There can be many homely causes.

Home Remedies for Curing Dog’s upset Stomach

Unbalanced food: Some having a rich food can be a cause of indigestion which results in upset stomach. Some foods are really very tough for the dogs to digest. So don’t give them such foods. Serve them with regular diet. Also changing a food rapidly can make their stomach upset. Their food should always be changed in along transition. It should be slowly mixed with the old food in an increasing ratio.

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Toxic materials: Sometimes your dog can eat some toxic materials. Some chemicals, rotten foods, rotten vegetables etc are all very harmful for them. This can be major cause. Some plants are also very toxic to the dogs. It can harm their stomach. It has been also seen that unknowingly they consume hard substances like plastic materials, piece of paper, small piece of fiber substances, bones etc. which can’t be digested.

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Irregularity in Diet timing: If the time of their regular diet rapidly changes they can get upset stomach. Maintaining a regular timing of their diet is very essential.

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Change of place: Change of places and atmosphere can be a major cause. If after a long time your pet is shifted to a new place, they may feel uneasy and suffer from stomach problem.

Now I am coming to the part of home remedies which can be done when your dog is suffering from upset stomach:

Dietary Foods: After noticing that your dog is suffering from upset stomach, you have to be very careful about their foods. At that time their stomach need some rest. So avoid giving them very rich or supplementary foods. That can be more harmful to them. The best option is to serve them with home cooked foods that are very light and healthy. Always keep in mind the food amount should be very low. Eating a big amount of food will not cure them, it can be hazardous for their stomach. Rice, boiled chicken, or some vegetables will be a better option.

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Fasting: You can also think of fasting them for a day. It will not do any harm to your dog instead of that their stomach will get some rest. A normal dog can easily fast for 24 hours. After that you can serve with some foods. But if it doesn’t work and your dog is suffering from the same symptoms, then it may be some serious issue. So at once consult your nearest veterinarian.

Proper Hydration: You have to be careful about your pet’s hydration. Because a lot of vomiting and loose motion can dehydrate your pet. Serve them with proper amount of water. If a dog gets dehydrated at this time they will feel more weak and uneasy. Some dogs prefer having chilled water or ice, again some prefer normal water, actually it differs. So you should have a proper idea about their preference. Also try to keep them in a cool place to keep them comfortable.

Medications: There are many medicines available in market but you should try out Pepto Bismol mixing it with water. The dosage will depend on the size and age of your pet. Normally 1 tablet is enough for a dog with 50-60 pound. If it is a minor case one tablet will work out but if it doesn’t work it may be a serious condition. Don’t repeat the medicine instead of that take a suggestion from any vet.
Herbal treatment: Chamomile works very well at this situation. You can mix it with tea and serve them. If your dog doesn’t prefer having tea, then mix it up with water and serve.

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Give them soft massage: You can softly massage your dog’s stomach. Some dogs really feel comfortable with this. Don’t press too hard as it can be a matter of discomfort. If your dog does not prefer it then don’t force, leave them alone.

So by the above mentioned remedies, if your pet gets cured then its fine. Otherwise if it repeats for a long time then consulting a veterinarian will be a prudent decision.