7 Things your Hamster wants you to know

Pets are best friends in our life. They are the one with whom we feel please in sharing each and every special moment of our life. Before getting a pet home, it is always best to prepare things according to your pet’s requirements.Suppose you are getting hamster at your home, and then it’s very important to fulfill their basic needs.Plan everything keeping their interests in mind.

7things your hamster wants you to know to make a wise choice before you buy them are mentioned below –

1. Proper Time – The best time to buy your hamster is the evening when they are more active. You can see them doing lots of activities at this point of time. In the second half of the day, most of the hamsters will fall asleep.

2. Appearance – It’s very important to choose a healthy hamster, so that they don’t fall ill frequently. Their body should be smooth and well shaped. Ears should be clean from inside and covered with hairs from outside area. Eyes should be bright and clean. There should be no rough patches on their body.

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3. Perfect Age–The suitable age to buy hamster as your pet is usually between four and seven weeks old because they are easy to tame when they are small.

4. Food – When you buy hamster from a pet dealer, don’t forget to ask about the food hamster has been eating since its birth, so that you can provide the same food.

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5. Both male and female hamsters are equally good and agree to the commands given to them by the trainers.

6. Territorial Nature – Hamsters are territorial by nature, so it’s better to keep them separately. Except, few categories such as – dwarf hamsters, short dwarf hamsters and Russian hamsters. They are quite social by nature and interact positively with their opposite sex. So, you can keep two of one of those categories together.

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7. Carry small plastic box along with you when you plan to get hamster at your home. Close it securely with some air holes.

Things your Hamster wants you to know

Everyone makes mistakes, but that’s not something we should be ashamed of. The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes.7 things that your hamster wants you to know helps you in choosing an appropriate hamster for you.Here are few more ideas that will be fun to know –

Hamsters Love to play with Toys

As we are human beings, we know very well that playing plays a vital role in our life. If we want to grow physically and become strong, we need to play.Similarly, hamsters are tired of just doing one activity in life i.e. running in circles. They also need toys. As their teeth are always growing, so chew toys are important for chewing.

Big cage for Hamsters

Hamsters want enough space to perform their activities freely. They require at least 360 square inches of floor space in cage. The walls of the cage should be painted colorful and filled with creative toys for playing in an open space.

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Hamsters Prefer Healthy Food

Like humans, Hamsters also prefer to be served with balanced diet.

• It’s important for you to acquire as much information you can before feeding them with certain human or small animal foods.
• They love to have nutritional choices in their food to stay away from diseases like – Diabetes.

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Good Exercise Tools for Hamsters

One of the most important point among things your hamster wants you to know is that they are tired of using metal bar wheels for exercise as they also want to get energy and stay healthy. Their paws become raw and infected if they use them, so want good quality tools for exercise.

Hamsters need Housekeeping

It’s very important to give clean and safe environment to your hamster for the sake of its good health. You must clean the cage thoroughly once in a week, throw uneaten food out from the cage every day, remove old bedding and replace it with fresh bedding.

Hamsters need Grooming

You must be aware about the fact that hamsters’ teeth grow continuously throughout their lives.

• To stop them from getting too long, you have to tie a wooden block or twig into their mouth.
• If they still continue to do, then take your hamster to a vet to get its teeth trimmed.

Hamsters love going outside

Just like other pets, they also need proper playtime and fun place out from their cage area. They want their owners to take them out every day, so that they can run freely in the grass. You may need to plan a fence to prevent your hamster from escaping.

At last, above-mentioned7 things your hamster wants you to know will surely help hamster owner to provide smoother transition to hamsters from pet store to new home where they will going to spend rest of their life.