How my Dog Enlightened my Life For Better

“Not every person knows how to love a dog, but every dog knows how to love a person.” And I understood this truth of life when my daddy gifted me a Labrador retriever. That four-legged buddy who is, yes, irritating at times teaches so much about life that no enlightening lessons by the Buddha could make you understand and FEEL. His actions of coming running towards you and jumping on you to hug you feel good (sure, after you have saved yourself from falling; wink!) And you know the best part? I need no reason to yell at my dog or hug him tight or talk to him insanely making zero sense! Do you want to know How my Dog Enlightened my Life For Better? Go and watch “Marley & Me”, a movie that interprets all the funny and loving actions that my pet does and makes my life a better place to be.

It is not your friends or parents always who teach you new ways of living life and making worth remembering forever. I am sure you will agree to all these reason I am going to share with you about How my Dog Enlightened my Life For Better.
How my Dog Enlightened my Life For Better

I have a Ball and I am Content!
What a dog wants? No diamond, no money but just one ball is enough to make him happy. It was his birthday and we gave him a box of balls. Oh god, I can’t tell you his reaction in words! Instantly he became happiest creature on the planet. He went on running here and there trying to catch balls. Such an important lesson dogs pass on in this era where human has infinite aspirations and cravings. Be like Dogs!

Okay, Leave it! I Apologize
What we do – She yelled at me and I am not going to talk to her anymore now. I will teach her a lesson now! And so on and so forth!
What my dog does – “Okay I am sorry”. Sure, he can’t say that but he can lick all of you and probably make you feel (make you feel you are sorry… Ha-ha)
Not holding loathes and envies is the toughest job against our ego that say, “Why should I apologize?” Be like Dogs!

I am not afraid because I have YOU
It is the inner insecurities that make someone get frightened and afraid changing their behavioral pattern. But dogs, their love theory is incredible and their trust on the fact that love them the most and are not going to leave them ever makes their life the best episode! How my Dog Enlightened my Life For Better is best answered when he is always there with you wherever you go! You go up, he goes up! You go down, he goes down! Be like Dogs!

Hey, Let on focus on this Moment
My dog loves ice cream and that is the only time I feel ice cream is more important to him than me. ‘Cause when he is eating ice cream he would not nod left or right and ignore no matter how many times I call him. He is always the one to live in the moment. Yes, I scold him often but, unlike us, he still doesn’t sit and cry forever. He doesn’t get tensed about future telling us to be in the moment as well. Be like dogs!

See, I am Happy
Why hide when happy and why hide when sad? Don’t we love how our dogs show they are happy when we give him favorite treat? They jump and run here and there! Oh that’s really adorable. While we think showing that we are happy will make others jealous and all that other crap, dogs proves this theory wrong. They, instead, teach other how to make others happy with your happiness. Happiness is for spreading and getting multiplied after all! Be like Dogs!

I am unique! I don’t want to be Perfect
Raise your hands if you have seen your dog wishing to have some other dog’s mane or fur or nose or body shape? If not, sit down and read how amazing dogs are in admiring their own uniqueness. Unlike human, who constantly keep on trying to walk like Kendall Jenner or want a figure like Gigi Hadid or voice like Rihanna praise their inner uniqueness and their reasons to be happy with the self will be doubled. Be like Dogs!

I will always be Loyal to you, Master
Have you ever slapped your doggie? Did he ever bite you back? NO! They have never done so and they never will. Loyalty is a toughest chapter to remember in life and the way I see dogs becoming an inspiration at being loyal is simply amazing. The life becomes easier when you are loyal, relations get strengthened and love gets enriched.

So mate, do comment on how much agree to the lovely fact that dogs are the great teachers of a life. And how can I miss the opportunity to add one more reason to wake up smiley despite all the odd my life’s offering? Just his lick on my cheek and his tail wagging is the gesture that makes me forget all the downs and feel happy for all the ups.