How To Create A Pet-Friendly Home

Pets become part of homes and creep into the hearts of their owners. Some people even regard their pets as ‘fur babies,’ treating them like their own children. Whether it is a dog, a cat, or a more exotic pet, their living environment contributes to their overall health and well-being in a big way.

Like humans, the home would need to be ‘babyproofed’ to keep pets safe, happy, and healthy. A house may have various aspects that could contribute to accidents or injuries for pets, and getting these sorted out before the pet arrives would be a big help.

Ensure that the home ticks all the boxes by thinking of each housing space that the pet could likely get into daily. Taking it room by room, think of all the potential hazards and create a pet-friendly home.

Family Room

Pets could spend a considerable amount of time in this common area where the kids and the rest of the family can play with them. Many households spend a more significant part of their day in this room, and they would often allow their pets to join them.

Protect the pet and the items in the room by keeping these things in mind:

  • Pets of all kinds like to chew, and there are electrical cords in most family rooms. Connections to televisions, computers, stereos, or other electronics should be covered or removed to prevent pets from injuring themselves.
  • Another thing pets love to chew on is houseplants. You can ensure you have the best plants for pets in this area, or you may move the plants to another place they can’t reach if you think they’d trample on them.
  • Some pets, especially cats, would love to use furniture as a scratch post. You can find scratch-resistant tapes from a local pet store to keep furniture looking good as new. 
  • Vents for central heating or the HVAC system could threaten pets who want to explore them. Keep them covered with their grids at all times to prevent injuries.
  • Take away all potential choking hazards, like ornaments, kids’ toys, or remote controls where the pet can chew off small parts of these items.


This area is another home space where pets would most likely spend a lot of time. They can explore the ‘great outdoors’ while playing with their toys and humans. Pets are naturally curious and could get into serious trouble if it is not made safe for them. You can ensure safety by doing the following:

  • There should be suitable weather-resistant covering for pets when left outside. Rain and cold could make pets sick, so owners may have to rush them to the emergency room.
  • Ensure that the fence around the yard is kept in reasonable condition to prevent pets from running into oncoming traffic or getting lost.
  • Pets would need food and water, especially when they would be left outside for most of the day. Thus, make sure you have them on standby.
  • Remove anything lying around that could be hazardous to the pet, like tools, electrical connections, toxic plants, and their waste.
  • Don’t use strong chemicals around pets. Opt for a non-toxic weed killer or pest control option instead when pets are around.


The kitchen is most likely the area of the home humans and pets alike will enjoy the most. Pet food and water bowls are usually here, and everyone associates this space with yummy treats. However, it could be a dangerous place for pets if owners don’t take care of the following:

  • Flooring options are not always pet-friendly, with some peeling, lifting, or breaking happening in the long run. The broken pieces in the pet’s mouth present a choking hazard, or their paws can get caught in the damage.
  • Cover all hot surfaces, like the stove and other appliances, to prevent pets from burning themselves by accident.
  • Keep the kitchen free from pests with natural pest control and avoid harmful chemicals.
  • Cabinet doors must be closed to prevent pets from getting near harmful substances like cleaning products or food items they may have allergic reactions to when ingested.

Bathroom And Shower

Some pets may wander into the bathroom or shower to investigate them. They want to see where their humans disappear periodically throughout the day. Some hazards could affect pets, but these are preventable.

  • Prevent pets from falling into any standing water and drowning by closing the toilet lid and draining the basins and baths with water. 
  • Keep the doors of cabinets closed to keep pets from eating any products that could be harmful to their health.
  • Some toilet paper brands undergo a bleaching process to whiten the paper, and others have colored pictures printed on them. Both the bleach and the coloring are not suitable for our pet’s digestive system, so owners should be wary of these.
  • Small items, like hair ties, clips, earbuds, and other accessories, can choke a pet, so these should be out of their reach.
  • Ensure that the floors are always clean and dry to prevent slips and falls for humans and pets.


Quality time with pets in the bedroom is priceless, but be wary of what could bring them harm. Bedrooms, like the family room, will often have electrical connections to watch out for, but there are other things to consider as well:

  • Bedding that fell off the bed could envelop animals and make them panic. When they get stuck without their owners knowing it, they could have difficulty breathing or hurt their limbs.
  • Have a pet bed in the corner of the room or make a dedicated space so they won’t get tangled in the bedding.
  • Keep away things like lotion, hairspray, perfume, and anything similar pets could ingest.
  • Drawers, cupboards, and cabinets shouldn’t stand open and let pets inside. Pets could accidentally climb into them, and the owner could enclose them without knowing it. Animals can quickly suffocate inside these tight spaces, so be sure to take note of this.


Pet owners should remember that their animals are curious and may want to explore every nook and cranny of the home. To prevent any injury, think of all the potential hazards the house could have and address them before your new best friend arrives home. By doing so, pets and owners will have a long, happy, and healthy time together.