20 Cheapest Dog Breeds – 2020

Having a pet dog around is always a joyful experience and if it is budget-friendly, nothing can be perfect than that. So if you are planning to own a pet dog and are just looking for a budget-friendly option which does not make a hole in your pocket, then give this article a quick read.

Generally, the cost of dog breed varies according to its genetic condition, size, structure, and level of energy. Some consume a very little food per day whereas other breed needs a bagful of food every day. Before going into details,

So depending on all these things actually the expenses of owning a dog varies. So let us just have an idea of some cheapest dog breeds so that our job of finding a new mate becomes a bit easier. While looking at the cheapest breeds, don’t forget to consider the types of dogs. Pedigree dog breeds can be categorised into seven groups. These groups provide important insights into characteristics and intrinsic traits. These groups are defined according to a breed’s origins and initial use. When ou know these groups, origins, you will understand your dog’s instinctual behaviour. Always remember that even though we group them, every dog is a unique individual.

Cheapest Budget-Friendly Dog Breeds:

1. Beagle:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

This short hair dog with minimum training and grooming need fits so well on our list. They can be bought anywhere from $200 – $500 or even less. This popular low-cost dog will make a great companion and is very high on energy level.

2. Manchester terrier:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

This game terrier costs around an average of $600 and needs a very minimal healthcare cost. Spirited, high on energy level, this dog is an owner’s delight.

3. Irish terrier:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

Lifestyle and etiquette guide Gentleman Zone describes them as the “poor man’s sentinel, the farmer’s friend and the gentleman’s favorite”. They cost as less as $650 and are very versatile as companion and watchdog.

4. Border collie:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

An average purchase cost is around $525. And that is very less for this cute looking smart and active dog breed. Having a life expectancy around 13 to 16 years, they are fun to have. To add with, their grooming cost is also not more than $50.

5. Australian Silky Terrier:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

A small terrier breed developed in Australia. This alert and active silky coated cute ball are priced at only $550.

6. Otterhound:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

You can buy them for only $550 and thus they fit on our list. This old British dog breed was originally bred for hunting purposes. They are quite friendly dogs with a lifespan of 10 to 13 years.

7. Dalmatian:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

This inexpensive dog breed is very famous as a pet dog. This spotted dog can be purchased for around $700. It has a low cost of healthcare and is known for their excellent running ability.

8. Chihuahua:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

Named after the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, this is the smallest dog breed in the world and their selling price is also very less, say about $650. They also don’t need a huge amount of food! Though this is not a very good option to have as a pet dog as it can be easily provoked to attack but it becomes fiercely loyal to one particular person.

9. Field Spaniel:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

They are relatives of the Cocker Spaniel and English springer spaniel. They are ideal hunting and family dog. They cost around $550 and though they are named as Field Spaniel but they love to be at home and are immensely loyal family friends.

10. Bichon Frise:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

Look at them. They are the sweetest, adorable and fit cozily in your lap and the best part…they are so cheap. They will cost you only about $525. Let’s have a Bichon Frise and cuddle with its cotton-ball hair.

11. Dachshund:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

Initially, they were a hunting breed but due to their loyalty and spirited nature they gradually ended up being a good pet option. They cost around $500 and have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

12. Papillon:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

OMG. Look at their ears. They totally resemble the wings of the butterflies. They are small, smart, affectionate, good with children and estimated buying cost is only $400. They are also famous for their excellent watchdog potentials.

13. Pug:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

Was looking for a wrinkled faced pug? Then go and buy one because it will cost you only around $350. Though they have certain health issues yet, look at their cute nodding of the head…Give it a try.

14. Miniature Pinscher:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

They think that they’re bigger than they are and often end up chasing anything that crosses their path! Having a longer life, they cost around $500.

15. Plott Hound:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

They are pack-hunting dog breed. Cost around $275. So less right? They are very famous for their all around friendliness and they are incredibly kid friendly.

16. Rat Terrier:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

They are playful and fearless. You can purchase one only for $350. They are charming, energetic, and lively and are ideal farm dogs. And they adapt very well to the apartment living.

17. Black and Tan Coonhound:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

They are born and bred in U.S and they are very friendly and have outgoing characteristics. The average purchase price is only around $350.

18. Parson Russell Terrier:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

A small, white terrier breed with average purchase price of $400. They are athletic, clever and friendly. They are high on the energy level and require vigorous exercising.

19. English setter:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

They are still used as hunting dogs and now days are also famous for being a good family companion. Pocket pinch is also very less and costs only around $350.

20. Harrier:

Cheapest Dog Breeds

The most affordable dog breed of all. It has an excellent sense of smell and is the best companion for the hunters. An all around friendly dog which costs only around $300.

Owning a dog as a pet means a joyous and active life leading.

But in today’s world when everything is so highly priced, it is pretty normal to look for a cheaper dog breed and we understand your need. And the price of a dog does not necessarily determine its loyalty toward its master and you can enjoy equal worthy companionship with your cheaper canine friend.

So these were some breeds which are of lesser price and are pretty easily available across the world. They have fewer health concerns and need less grooming. So we hope you could find your best companion from our cheapest dog breeds options.

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